Loneliness, sadness and inner darkness have plagued the human race since the beginning of time, often without remedy or even diagnosis. Today, however, humanity is more aware of these afflictions - and more capable of affecting change - than ever before.

Inspired by her background as a Reiki master and Doctoral student at the University of Metaphysics, author BDevine shares with audiences her abilities in spiritual guidance and healing in her new book "Angelic Guidance: A Four Part Guide to Easily Connect with the Angels and their Messages for You". Readers will be inspired by BDevine's unique energy healing systems and will connect with the angelic realm for the guidance and assistance so many need in today's world.

"With 'Angelic Guidance', I wanted to share ways in which people could easily begin to heal themselves and their lives, both present and past," said BDevine. "I wanted them to see that they are just as gifted and wonderful as anyone else, and for them to claim their own divine light they have inherited."

Readers of all ages and level of spiritual experience will learn to heal themselves, awake with true purpose, inspire greatness within themselves and find peace and strength in their lives.

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