AMERICA INVADES Launches Book Tour

AMERICA INVADES Launches Book Tour


The authors of "America Invades," a comprehensive new book detailing U.S. invasions dating back to 1741 (yes, before the U.S. was the U.S.), will launch their national tour Sept. 29.

In researching U.S. invasions and military involvement around the globe, Christopher Kelly and Stuart Laycock unearthed surprising revelations.

"We've invaded or fought in 84 of the 194 countries recognized by the United Nations," Kelly says. "The only countries we haven't been militarily involved with are Andorra, Bhutan and Liechtenstein."

The most recent U.S. invasion, he notes, involved no gunfire or uniformed troops.

"It took place last spring, when American hackers invaded Minecraft Denmark and raised the Stars and Stripes over a virtual Cophenagen."

While at times lighthearted, Kelly and Laycock's country-by-country retrospective is the first comprehensive review of all America's military adventures overseas, from D-day to much lesser-known interventions. It explores the full scope of U.S. invasions from the triumphs to the tragedies; it relates the gallantry and sacrifice of Americans fighting abroad with respect for all those who serve.

"It doesn't carry judgments one way or the other about the morality or wisdom of these actions; that's up to the reader to decide," Kelly says. "We worked very hard to avoid writing a 'political' book that grinds axes in a simplistic manner.