Not all the mass murders in 2013 made national headlines, but they're a grim reminder that violent crime committed by the untreated, severely mentally ill is a threat that will continue to haunt us in 2014, claims Janice Holly Booth, author of the #1 Amazon bestseller, "A Voice out of Nowhere: Inside the mind of a mass murderer." "The Navy Yard, the incident on Capitol Hill and the shootings at LAX garnered media attention," says Booth, "but who has heard of or remembers the horrific mass murder in Brooklyn, or the shooting in Santa Monica, or the bizarre killings in Phoenix this year?" Mental illness is suspected to be the driving force behind those rampages.

"A Voice out of Nowhere," which is Amazon's #1 bestseller in schizophrenia, chronicles the true story of a 22-year-old man with no prior history of violence who suddenly and savagely murdered his family in the early hours of a January morning 30 years ago. "Even though the story is three decades old," says Booth, "it could easily have been plucked out of today's headlines or tomorrow's. Nothing much changes about psychotic crime over time except the clothes and the weapons." The killer murdered his family because voices commanded him to do so. The prior six weeks he'd been tormented by visions and hallucinations of the world blowing up. "The killer believed he was Jesus Christ, God and the Antichrist," says Booth, "and that God had chosen his family to save the world. Therefore, they had to be sacrificed. As hard as it is to believe, he killed them out of love."

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