101 VAGINA Book to Launch Exhibitions in USA and Canada, April-June 2014

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After three years in the making, the 101 Vagina book is being launched in the USA and Canada with a series of exhibitions across the two countries from April to June 2014.

After touring Australia, 101 Vagina will exhibit in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Montreal and Toronto. The exhibition and photographs has broken taboos and received extensive media coverage in Australia.

101 Vagina is about breaking down the taboo around the Vagina and body image shame generally. It's also about the sharing of story and celebration of our diversity.

101 Vagina is directly relevant to the current issues around labiaplasty. There has been a startling increase in genital cosmetic surgery being sought by women, and even teenage girls, who have come to believe that their own vaginas are not normal or attractive.

101 Vagina exhibition and book tour will start in Los Angeles (5-13 April) before visiting San Francisco (19-27 April), Chicago (6-11 May), Montreal (17-25 May), New York (3-8 June) and finishing in Toronto (14-22 June).

For more information, visit www.101vagina.com.

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