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BWW Interviews: Conversations with Artists - Kurt Perschke of the Redball Project
by Beverlix Jean-Baptiste

As an artist who works in public space, collage, sculpture, and video, Kurt Perschke is a busy man. However, he took some time between working and traveling around the world to allow me to pick his br... (more...)

BWW Interviews: Olivier Widmaier Picasso - In the Shadow of Pablo, One Picasso Shines Brightly
by Barry Kostrinsky

Seeing Olivier Widmaier Picasso for the first time you can not help but notice the resemblance to his grandfather, the father of modern art, Pablo Picasso. Beyond an admitted nose-likeness he does res... (more...)

BWW Interviews: Sven Ortel, Master Projection Designer
by Sherry Shameer Cohen

It's not your imagination. There are more projections at the theatre. Are they just glorified PowerPoint slides? Not at all. Sven Ortel, the projection designer, explains it all to you. (more...)

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Mid-Year Highlights in the Art World: Koons, Donovan, Minkisi and MoreMid-Year Highlights in the Art World: Koons, Donovan, Minkisi and More
by Barry Kostrinsky