X-TRA to Open at Lesley Heller Workspace, Jan 30

The material utilized between the woven ropes in Fabian Marcaccio's, Nicole, 2012, serves to weave different pictorial modalities. The ropes weave a background into the structure of the painting and the brush marks operate like muscles, holding pictorial troubles in suspension. The light moves between and through patches of meeting points in the ropes. It translates rather than depicts. Lydia Dona's engine lines and body organs entangle lines and objects of fixation, environmentally diffusing light and dark through metallic and transparent junctures. Black Lake's silver wires dangle and form silhouettes of shadows. Lisa Beck's strings and Raja Kanishka's sharp and linear contours of east/west models of ruptured architectural legacies create a new linear relationship within light and dark. Peter Rostoevsky's hyper-natural and artificial settings digitalize and re-explode to create a setting for the diminishing light of American power and act as a metaphor for nuclear phenomena only reached through mediation.

X-tra pushes the viewer the extra mile, to investigate and bring the physicality of the event, visually and experientially. We have stagnated into a long, long, long convention of limited pictorial models and must allow for more intense and endless extensions.