Unique Black Clay Pottery Will Add a Distinctive Look to Your Home

Unique Black Clay Pottery Will Add a Distinctive Look to Your Home

The Oaxacan Connection in Sparks Nevada announces they are now distributors of a distinctive type of pottery that is only found in one place in the world: the Oaxacan region of southern Mexico (and they are keeping the exact location a secret). In fact there are several secrets involved and here is the story of how discovering a secret that will unlock something to be cherished by many is not an everyday occurrence.

In the heart of Southern Mexico, it seems that one family has found a way to turn such a secret into a lucrative and treasured product. In fact, Dona Rosa, the matriarch of an artistic empire, is credited for finding a unique opportunity in the substance oF Brown clay found near her home there.

Over 50 years ago, Dona Rosa began making handmade black clay pottery by the method passed down for centuries from her ancestors in that by firing this brown clay in multiple ways, she could turn it into a unique and aesthetically pleasing black or brown color depending on how it was fired. But the secret discovered by Dona is that if she rubbed the pots with a piece of Quartz, it turned it to a shiny color and produced a truly unique product. Today, her descendents carry on the work of manufacturing this pottery that has brought a new look to the world of interior design and home décor. As each piece is completely handmade, this black clay pottery is truly a decorative home accent.

However, unlike other pottery, it is only fired once and for this reason, water cannot used with these pieces and they are displayed exclusively indoors. Nonetheless, as a unique piece of art, black clay pottery is becoming a true home specialty and a definite conversation starter. Whether it's for a home, condo or skyline office building, locations around the world have the opportunity to give their interior designs a crafted and tailored look.