The New Skip Cohen University for Photographers Announces Lead Faculty

The New Skip Cohen University for Photographers Announces Lead Faculty

There are dozens of photo workshops, webinars, videos, podcasts and blog posts for aspiring and working professional photographers to follow, but none can match the experience and talent of the faculty at SKip Cohen University. SCU is the brainchild of photo industry executive, author, consultant and educator, SKip Cohen. Cohen has used his forty years in the photo business to assemble a team of award-winning photographers, writers, artists and educators who set the standard for great photo education.

On January 19, 2013 noted authors Guy Kawasaki and Scott Kelby were joined by hundreds of top line photographers like Joe McNally to help announce the SCU Launch on Twitter. Millions of Tweets later went live.

"This is something I always wanted to do," said Cohen. "It's my ultimate dream to provide aspiring and working professional photographers with a pathway to success that's driven by talent, not sponsorship dollars."

Cohen scoured the industry for the best photo educators he could find. While many photo instructors at major photo conventions are speakers because they have sponsors and vendors who pay for their slots at the convention, SCU's faculty has been selected without regard for sponsors and in fact, before any sponsors were even involved. The photographers teaching at SCU are experienced craftspeople with hundreds of years of combined photo experience. They are all proven professionals and educators.

"We want to build a solid educational resource, working with a number of different partners in the industry to make sure photographers have a series of consistent and constant opportunities to keep expanding their skills," said Cohen.

By using the University metaphor, SCU is able to easily communicate various aspects of the project. Wedding 101 vs 401 is the difference between a beginner workshop and a more advanced program. The advisory board is the "Student Council" and the list goes on and on.

The instructors making up the "faculty" are very definitely the best of the best and are a growing group who will be participating in all the different aspects of the new educational resource.