The American Museum of Natural History Presents MILSTEIN SCIENCE SERIES: SHARKS, 6/22

The American Museum of Natural History Presents MILSTEIN SCIENCE SERIES: SHARKS, 6/22

One of the sea's most misunderstood animals, sharks have inhabited the oceans for 400 million years and play an important role in the ocean's biodiversity. Visitors will join Curator John Maisey in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life for an exciting program that features interactive presentations by scientists, Q&A sessions, and hands-on activities, as well as unique opportunities to examine shark and ray specimens from the Museum's scientific collections.

Activities and games will include:

Meet the Experts
Join host John Maisey with marine biologists Gavin Naylor and Greg Skomal for a lively on-stage conversation on the remarkable anatomy, diversity, and evolutionary history of sharks. Experts will respond to your questions about these mysterious, often feared animals.

Who Wants to Be an Elasmobranchologist (Shark Scientist)?
Get ready to put your shark facts to the test! This is a game show that will pit two shark-loving teams against each other to test their knowledge of these amazing denizens of the sea. As the tension mounts in the hot seat, our scientists will be available to lend a hint or two, offering their expertise.

Live Skype Event: Meet Fabien Cousteau
Join Fabien Cousteau on Mission 31, a voyage 63 feet beneath the surface to Aquarius, the world's only underwater habitat and lab. Learn what it is like to follow in the footsteps of Fabien's grandfather, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, and explore the mysteries of the ocean. In these two sessions, Fabien will share shark tales and other adventure stories as well as explain the human-ocean connection and why we all need to protect marine ecosystems.

I'm a Shark, You're OK
There are over 400 species of sharks - tiny and enormous, spotted and striped, and even bioluminescent. Discover how diverse and amazing they are by joining a large-scale game that sends sharks "swimming" throughout the Museum. Make a spectacular shark hat, roam the halls as you complete fun shark missions, or become a Shark Spotter and find all the species that have been let loose.