Speak Your Truth Reschedules AND STILL I RISE Exhibit for 1/11

Speak Your Truth Presents And Still Rise has been rescheduled from December 14, 2013 to January 11, 2014 due to Winter Storm Electra.

Speak Your Truth is proud to announce its second art exhibit And Still I Rise, Speak Your Truth supports artists that have overcome adversity. And Still I Rise will feature the art of Christina Thomas, Jae Quinlan and Sagine Cave'. There will be Spoken Word performances by Shye Sales and Danielle Cooper. And Still I Rise is about the warrior women we must become when faced with obstacles and how we meet those challenges. This art is dedicated to all the women and men who are in the daily struggle of living a day at a time. Speak Your Truth / Affordable Art For The Soul represents artists that have experienced adversity and gives them a voice. All art work wll be sold for a $1000 and under. For more information, go to: http://speakyourtruthinfo.wordpress.com

Speak Your Truth was founded on the West Coast. Two women found that art can heal. Christina was working on a hospice case and the experience was so moving she came home from a 72 hour shift and painted Speak Your Truth which would be the name and logo of their company. Married in the state of Connecticut these two joined in love also decided to become business partners. The complimentary pairing of Christina's creativty and Nieta's bussiness savvy proved for a union of mind and soul. A start up event that Speak Your Truth had in Washington State was at Starbucks in Pioneer Square in Seattle, WA.

On the East Coast Christina Thomas, co-founder of Speak Your Truth showed at the Peter Louis Gallery in NYC and with John McMullen's Art of Fashion. Christina has also shown in Newark, NJ during Open Doors Art Walk at the Artisan Collective. Also, she was recently published in ArtTour International Magazine. This year Christina Thomas designed her first book cover for the poet Shye Sales,"Salutaions to the Dawn".

Christina Thomas, visual artist: I communicate with my audience with words and phrases that I believe are significant. The marriage of text and image in my work are my focus. My goal is for the texture and color to find balance so they can coexist in harmony. Tissue is the material that I use to sculpt the words and it is a tedious process. The letters are then bathed in ink. My color choices are driven by the mood of the word and the intensity of the feeling that I am trying to convey. I have included the use of metallics in my work and have found them to be challenging to integrate but an evolution from my previous works.

Jae Quinlan, Visual Artist: Jae Quinlan is an accomplished visual artist with a full line of Copper-Enameled "Cufflynx ", Wire Wrapped jewelry & Hand painted clothing to her credit. Her paintings & life sculptors have been on exhibit in galleries across the Tri-State area with work featured consecutively at Newarks Open Doors Tour & Paul Robeson Galleries @ Rutgers Newark.

Jae is co-owner of eclectic trendy boutique " The Artisan Collective" in beautiful downtown Newark and creative mind behind spoken word and music format " Crack The Mic" at the Artisan Collective is located at 25 Halsey St, lower where she and her partners collectively utilize art as a vehicle to elevate the community.

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