PhotoShelter Releases “The Photographer's Outlook on 2013” Survey Results

  • 90% plan to improve their website
  • 76% will use Google Analytics to track and improve their website
  • 79% plan to attend more network and industry events

Alongside the survey results, there are also helpful tips and resources, including insights on marketing, business strategy, and revenue-building. Photographers can use these tips to reach more clients and grow their business in 2013.

The Photographer's Outlook on 2013 survey consisted of 46 questions fielded in November 2012 to the PhotoShelter community, which includes users of PhotoShelter's product and members of the photography community at large who receive PhotoShelter's monthly newsletter. Over 5,000 professional and aspiring photographers worldwide responded to the survey.

The Photographer's Outlook on 2013 joins PhotoShelter's ongoing series of free business guides for photographers and marketing professionals. PhotoShelter's e-book library includes 25+ educational guides including topics such as social media, email marketing, and starting a photography business. All can be downloaded here:

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