New Advancements Announced for for American Pop Artist Steve Kaufman

New Advancements Announced for for American Pop Artist Steve Kaufman

LONG ISLAND, N.Y., July 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ American Pop Art, Inc. is delighted to announce new developments four years following the death of American pop artist Steve Alan Kaufman (SAK), former assistant to Andy Warhol, and an activist, humanitarian, and tireless advocate for the homeless. Steve Kaufman is known for painting iconic images, famous people, recognizable brands, currency, and historic figures.

Diana Vachier of Long Beach, NY has been named the sole heir to artist Steve Kaufman's licensing rights. Diana Vachier is the long time assistant to Steve Kaufman who worked on museum placements, event planning, sales, andpublic relations during the last ten years of the artist's life. She is the owner of American Pop Art, Inc., an online gallery at that sells limited editions of Steve Kaufman art.

All licensing will be operated under the name Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC and the official Steve Kaufman licensing website

"Our goals are to provide Steve Kaufman's successful images for quality products, and assist our business clients with everything from the selection process and legal clearance to marketing and public relations," said Diana Vachier. "We look forward to working with apparel and product designers from all trades. Our art licensing will catch the eye of Kaufman fans and demand attention to the companies and designers that use these vivid works."

Alberto Panizzoli of Trieste, Italy, American Pop Art, Inc. representative in Europe, has been named an official partner of Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC. His efforts have been crucial in the continuation of Steve Kaufman's legacy and active art exhibition schedule. Leslie Gonzalez of Garden City, NY, American Pop Art, Inc. communications representative, will assist Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC clients with product promotions and publicity. She has provided public relations and web support for American Pop Art, Inc. and the artist's legacy website Sacha Marion of Montana, who worked with Steve Kaufman as his European sales representative, will assist clients with international marketing and events. All have taken great care to place Kaufman's original works into museums for permanent display and public enjoyment.