Makeable and Creative Time Launch Digital Experience To Kara Walker's First Public Art Project

Makeable and Creative Time Launch Digital Experience To Kara Walker's First Public Art Project

NEW YORK, May 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Makeable, a leading independent business, product, and brand innovation company in New York, has partnered with Creative Time to bring internationally renowned artist Kara Walker's new work A Subtlety to digital life. Walker's physically and conceptually expansive work of art, installed in the industrial relics of Brooklyn's legendary Domino Sugar factory, responds to both the building and its history, exploring a radical range of subject matter and marking a major departure from her practice to date.

For this project, the Makeable team collaborated with Creative Time to design and develop a digital experience in line with the in-person experience of the project. Over the two-month span of the exhibition, visitors will be encouraged to photograph the centerpiece of the projecta sugar-coated sphinx-like figure that, measuring some 75.5 feet long, 35.5 feet high, and 26 feet wide, towers over her cavernous surroundingsand share the images on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #KaraWalkerDomino. The photos, for which contributors will be recognized, will be aggregated and assembled into an authentic 3D rendering of the sculpture that will unfold over the course of the exhibition. Each week, online visitors to the installation's site ( will be able to interact with and explore the latest version of the Digital Sugar Baby, which will gradually come to life over the course of the exhibition and will be fully realized and rendered at the exhibition's completion. Unlike the physical installation, as well as the iconic Domino Sugar factory, the Digital Sugar Baby will live on in memoriam to this public work, the artist, the site, and visitors.

"Working together with Makeable for the second time has been nothing less than magical," said Anne Pasternak, President and Artistic Director of Creative Time. "Their unique understanding of creativity in its purest form and their ability to bring design and technology together to amplify the experience of a work of art is exactly the kind of innovation we embrace and truly value."

"There's nothing more inspiring than working with and supporting meaningful creative leaders like Anne and Kara," said Michael Kantrow co-Founder of Makeable. "Art can make a differenceand can make changein important ways. It's a great day for our team when we get to use our Makeable superpowers for good stuff like innovation in art."