International Sculptor Lorenzo Quinn Announces Solo Exhibition at Galleria Ca' d'Oro Miami

MIAMI, Dec. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ International sculptor Lorenzo Quinn announces his solo exhibition at Galleria Ca' d'Oro Miami, 4141 Building in the Design District, marking a pivotal moment in the artist's career. During Art Basel in Miami, Quinn's sculptures will also be exhibited at the Art Fair Context/Art Miami in Wynwood and at the beautiful Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables. This exhibition has been organized in collaboration with Halcyon Gallery located in London.

Entitled Poems, and intended as a retrospective of the artist that explores his evolution in the last decades. The show will feature a visible artistic progression, highlighting the sculptor's experimentation with new mediums and subject matter, resulting in subtly abstracted ways of relaying his universal message to his viewers. New titles and finishes are interspersed with some of his more familiar works.

'This is a new view something I have not talked about in the past. In a way, I'm abstracting my message, my story. Before, the love was always represented by hands in different positions. Now it has morphed into representative materials: a gold stone represents faith; a red stone, the passion; stainless steel for friendship; and wood to represent the warmth of family. The figures, of course, represent the balance.'
Lorenzo Quinn

Quinn's historic connection to the Masters of the past, through his technique and execution, is undeniable. The artist often employs age-old symbols and icons within his work, such as the circle, which has always beenthe symbol for infinite continuity. His unique work suggest the themes of adaptation, metamorphosis, equilibrium, evolution, balance, and harmony.

The exhibition Poems represents the many faces of Quinn as both an artist and as a person an overall scope of the artist's legacy, hints of his future trajectory, and everything that has come in between.

Lorenzo Quinn and Gloria Porcella at Halcyon Gallery in London

Born in Rome to the Mexican-American actor Anthony Quinn and his second wife, Iolanda Addolori, Lorenzo Quinn had a childhood split between Italy and the USA. His father had a profound influence on him, both in terms of living in the limelight of the film world and with respect to Anthony Quinn's early work in painting and architecture. Studying at the American Academy of Fine Arts in New York, Quinn planned to be a Surrealist painter. However, at 21 he decided that his future lay in sculpture, which could better accommodate his energy and originality.

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