High School Nation Donating $1.5 Million This Year Towards Professional Recording Studios in Nation's Schools

High School Nation, the country's largest secondary school touring music festival, announced today that it has begun building professional recording studios in high schools across the country. The organization has pledged over $1.5 million this year in funding, as well as instruments, gear and components from high-end equipment manufacturers to outfit professional studios in each of the schools it visits. Sixty schools will receive the equipment for fully functioning studios which be rolled out this year as part of the annual High School Nation Festival Tours.

"At a time when funding for the arts in many schools is disappearing, we have a commitment to make up as much of the shortfall as we can. We've put on events at over 200 schools to date and we've provided over $2 million in funding for their music and arts programs but we wanted to do more," states Jimmy Cantillon, CEO and co-founder of High School Nation. "High school is the time in a teenager's life when they start to experiment with bands and vocal development. Very few have access to a professional studio where they can benefit from using the best equipment on the market. It brings them one step further toward achieving their potential whether it's on the professional stage or just for personal enjoyment."

"Our experience with High School Nation has been awesome," says Ted Lawrence, principal at Pacifica High School in Oxnard, California. "My students were able to experience, first-hand, the multiple career opportunities that exist for them in the arts, especially music. The fact that HSN is building us a $25,000 recording studio makes this experience almost too good to be true. This new addition will be incredibly impactful to a poverty-stricken school that is committed to excellence in the arts."

Two dozen companies are donating equipment for the studios including

  • Avid
  • Audio-Technica
  • Guitar Center
  • TRX Cymbals,
  • Hosa Technology
  • DW Drums
  • One Piano
  • ZT Amplifiers
  • Ernie Ball
  • Native Instruments
  • Guitar Triller
  • Wind Winder
  • Gruv Gear
  • McNally Strumstick
  • Pinch Clip
  • Slate
  • Applied Acoustics
  • NuGen
  • Q-Up Arts
  • Retronyms
  • Polyverse Music
  • On Song
  • Premium Sound Factory

"Avid is committed to nurturing the next generation of music professionals and helping educators better prepare them for their future careers," said Andy Cook, Global Education Strategy | Market Solutions, Avid. "By supporting High School Nation's ambitious project, we're giving tomorrow's artists access to the best and most comprehensive creative tools. Each teacher will receive a copy of Pro Tools the industry-standard digital audio workstation used by the world's top music professionals and each student will get access to Pro Tools | First, a free version of the same software."

"Audio-Technica is committed to fostering the next generation of music creators," stated Gary Boss, Audio-Technica Marketing Director, Professional Markets. "Helping High School Nation set up recording studios in schools across the country gives us the opportunity to fill a need left by school budget cuts and reach students at a critical age, showing them that music production is not only fun, but a viable career option."