Galerie Lelong Presents Petah Coyne's THE UNCONSOLED FOR The Art Show 2014

For The Art Show 2014 Galerie Lelong presents Petah Coyne's The Unconsoled. This experiential installation includes a new development in Coyne's work: four unique standing screens in which Coyne employs her signature use of wax-dipped flowers and taxidermy birds - including a Sulphur-crested cockatoo, snow geese, and a Silver Pied peacock. The Unconsoled takes its title from a Kazuo Ishiguro novel and evokes much of the book's mystery, complexity, and dark beauty. Combining the artist's love of rich imagery and literature, specifically Japanese literature, Coyne's installation evokes the feeling of a lush garden where the viewer is invited in to explore coexisting forces of beauty, and the deeper, sometimes darker meanings hidden beneath the surface.

The Unconsoled continues Coyne's reinvention of traditional sculpture, examination of contemporary culture, and dedication to literature. Three specific Japanese authors and their respective work influence the installation - Kazuo Ishiguro's The Unconsoled, Haruki Murakami'sThe Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, and K?b? Abe's The Woman in the Dunes. Differences in plot aside, each novel looks at the dark and negative spaces one can enter and the inability to escape which can both console and mystify us.

Since the 1980s Petah Coyne's unique and captivating work has examined universal conflicts with a distinctive, personal, and narrative approach. Her richly-surfaced, hand-built works are imbued with a deep breadth of contemporary and political consciousness embodied in symbolic imagery and colors that create a poignant study of contrasts. Made from innovative materials ranging from the organic to the ephemeral - from dead fish, mud, sticks, hay, black sand, and horsehair to patented wax, satin ribbons, velvet, and silk flowers - each element in Coyne's work adds to its layered meaning.

Park Avenue Armory
Park Avenue at 67th Street
New York, New York

Wednesday-Friday: 12 to 8pm
Saturday: 12 to 7pm
Sunday: 12 to 5pm

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