Fountain Gallery Presents COLLAGED REALITIES, 1/10-3/6

Educated at Pratt Institute, Connecticut-based Peter Wooster (b.1947) became well known for projects including the design and renovation of homes and estates for high-profile clients such as Stephen Sondheim and James Taylor, and for the design of commercial venues such as the Manhattan restaurant Orso and its sister locations in Los Angeles and London. Simultaneously, he began making his mark as a landscape and garden designer. Wooster designed the Seasonal Walk for the New York Botanical Garden, and coverage of his own quarter-acre garden has appeared in nearly every garden publication in the United States, and many in Europe.

In the aftermath of his stroke, Wooster sought alternative methods of creative expression. He drew in charcoal and dabbled in watercolor, made dazzlingly colorful
pictures in colored pencil and worked hard at photography. One day, he was playing with blocks of colored papers, arranging and overlapping them. This was the beginning of his collage work. He dropped all other experiments and began to channel his formidable taste and sense of design into making collages, at first using black and white images originating in The New Yorker and eventually broadening his scope to include an encyclopedic range of publications and periodicals.

The Wooster survey is accompanied by a brief text by Wooster's friend, the Santa Fe-based artist and writer Kathryn Walker.

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