Fifty Artists Gallery Announces New Collection from Mimi Chen Ting

Fifty Artists Gallery Announces New Collection from Mimi Chen Ting

Denver, CO -- The online gallery Fifty Artists today announced the release of six original paintings and drawings from Shanghai-born artist Mimi Chen Ting. The gallery's highly curated collection represents artists from a range of disciplines, highlighting them across digital platforms and social media. The new additions from Chen Ting range in price from $500 to $14,000, and span a range of visual approaches and formats. "These special works on paper and canvas bring an extra measure of gravitas to our diverse collection," said Fifty Artists founder Jason Kallas. "We're pleased to represent the work of such an important figure."

Among the works now on display are two 24" x 24" acrylics on canvas from Chen Ting's "Fig Bunny" series. The paintings subvert traditional notions of foreground and background, light and shadow, suggesting a liminal space between worlds. "Tangles and Ties 6" extends from a series of larger-format 54" x 48" paintings in which interacting cords and strings become an ever-evolving metaphor for life's many dances. Also on view are three new 9" x 12" colored-pencil drawings on paper. "When I enter the studio, I am the child, delighting in boundless possibilities," says the Taos, New Mexico-based artist. "Each work begins with a gesture, marked by a stick of charcoal or a paintbrush in hand."

Chen Ting's work is largely known for its non-associative colors, heightened contrasts, sinuous contours and meticulous surfaces. Since the early 1970s her work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in museums, galleries, and educational institutions both stateside and abroad, and can be found in numerous public, corporate, and private collections.

In 2012, Chen Ting received the prestigious Agnes Martin Award for Abstract Painting and Drawing, and last year showcased 48 works in three concurrent exhibitions in Taos. "I prefer to work on several pieces at once, testing out different points of view and examining multiple facets of an issue," said Chen Ting, "...triggering internal dialogues that can be raucous, pensive, or downright hilarious." Her work has gained recognition for its meditative quality, by turns aesthetically challenging and beautifully decorative: "Color is the ingredient that adds dimensional complexity and disequilibrium," said Stephanie Grilli, PhD, founder of "Relying on the pure sensation of color rather than association, she imparts poetic feeling into her inexhaustible compositions."