Elisa Contemporary Art and transFORM Gallery Co-Curate an Eco-Focused Art Exhibit

Elisa Contemporary Art and transFORM Gallery Co-Curate an Eco-Focused Art Exhibit

Elisa Contemporary Art and transFORM Gallery present Re-Imagining Past Possessions, Works of Recycled Materials. The exhibit opens March 14, 2013 and will run through June1, 2013. This exhibit brings together artists from around the world to save the earth. Each artist's artwork is created from recycled and reused materials including magazines, scrap metal, junk mail and other discarded items.

Featured artists include:

  • Multi-media Canadian artist, Aurora Robson
  • Uruguayan Dimensional artist, Adriana Rostovsky
  • New York sculptor, Carole Eisner
  • Chilean artist, Rodolfo Edwards
  • Korean-Irish Mixed Media artist, Lisa Mee Doherty

These artists re-imagine the debris and discarded materials of our planet to create a new vision. For Canadian born Aurora Robson, she uses plastic debris, packaging materials and junk mail to create her multi-media artwork. These materials are transformed into mesmerizing and light-filled artwork. A Junk Mail collage entitled "Twister" will be on exhibit.

Sculptor Carole Eisner works with the leftover materials of our civilization including fragments of historic buildings, bridges, gears, tools, automotive parts and scrap metal. She recombines and reassembles these iron and steel scraps into new life through her creative vision.

Uruguayan artist, Adriana Rostovsky collects objects that others throw out. As a child, it ranged from gum wrappers to bus tickets, empty toy boxes to papers and postcards. She is drawn to recycled materials because they contain a history, a story, and reconnect her to her European past where recycling was a necessity for survival. Today, she transforms these materials into three dimensional artwork filled with stories of lives and loves.

Irish-Korean artist, Lisa Mee Doherty integrates recycled fabrics, papers and metals into her mixed media paintings to help balance our frail ecological planet. According to Lisa "By demonstrating how to reuse and recycle in a creative way... This is my way of making a difference."