EZPhotoScan.com Donates Scanning Equipment to Apopka Historical Society and Museum

EZPhotoScan.com Donates Scanning Equipment to Apopka Historical Society and Museum

EZPhotoScan.com has shown its support for the Apopka Historical Society and Museum of the Apopkans' Digital Preservation Program with a gift of professional scanning equipment valued at nearly $3,500. E-Z PhotoScan.com owner Richard Lippert presented the equipment on December 27, 2012 to Museum of the Apopkans Acting President Raymond McLeod and Technology Department Director Larry Leudenburg.

Lippert, an enthusiastic proponent of museum digital preservation programs nationwide has supported theMuseum of the Apopka's digital archiving program by providing digitizing services since its inception several years ago. Lippert says the Museum of the Apopkans archiving project is particularly important since it is the primary steward of the area's history, including the history of the Apopka Indians as well as the early pioneers of Apopka and Northwest Orange County, Florida.

The donation places professional scanning and archiving equipment in the hands of volunteers performing the painstaking process of digitizing the Museum's collection. EZPhotoScan will also contribute professional support services for the Museum's volunteer staff.

The state-of-the-art scanning and archiving equipment donated by EZPhotoScan.com includes a 21-inch MSI touchscreen PC, a Kodak PS450 Walk-up Photo Scanner, a Kodak Legal Flatbed Accessory and a Kodak Scanner Carrying Case.

"We have always supported the Museum's decision to digitally archive its treasures," Lippert says. "Digital archiving is a growing trend among museums worldwide, as aging collections risk deterioration from time, storage, and the elements.

"Here in Central Florida, even the most ideal storage options can't protect 19th century photographs and other delicate historical documents from time and the elements, making digital archiving all the more urgent to museum curators who are working to protect the collections for future generations to enjoy."

The Museum's first archiving project with the new equipment includes a treasure trove of one-of-a-kind vintage postcards that were donated to the museum. After the collection is scanned, the postcards will be available for viewing online as a part of the Museum's growing digital collection, as well as in the Museum.

EZPhotoScan.com is donating its expertise to help develop this online platform for the Museum of the Apopkans, and currently has thousands of Apopka-related photos and treasured documents scanned and ready to exhibit online.