Design by Hümans Launches Street Team at Sundance Film Festival

Design by Hümans Launches Street Team at Sundance Film Festival

Design By Hümans, an online community of artists and t-shirts lovers that celebrates the art of graphic t-shirts, is hitting Park City, Utah during the famed Sundance Film Festival to introduce the clothing line to the attending trendsetters. Design by Humans, a website on Internet Retailer's Top 1000 list, will have an on-site street team at the festival from Thursday, Jan. 17 to Thursday, Jan. 24.

While on-site, Design by Humans will be handing out up to 800 free graphic design T-shirts to anyone who finds their street team and demos the clothing line's new iPad app. The graphic T-Shirt line also plans to meet with the celebrity influencers who are showing their latest work at the prestigious festival.

"At Sundance, we are taking our marketing strategy to the next level by meeting directly with the influencers and tastemakers," said Design by Humans Vice President of Marketing Alex Wood. "The film festival brings together some of the world's most creative and artistic people and our goal is to introduce them to the graphic design T-shirts genre and how Design by Humans can elevate their projects through branded partnership opportunities."

Starting on Saturday, Jan. 19, the Design by Humans street team will distribute up to 800 of the brand's premium graphic T-shirts. Influencers hoping to head home with a graphic tee will first have to take their chances on Design by Humans new iPad app that mimics the fun and excitement of a prize wheel. Anyone that lands on the t-shirt image will receive a free graphic tee, normally priced between $15 and $25, and everyone else receives a free Design by Humans' logo sticker or other merchandise. In order to receive the prize, recipients will login to their Facebook account via the iPad app to share a link to with their followers.