Cindy Collins, Vivian Pfankuch and More Set for Appalachian Potpourri of Artists, 3/22

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Cindy Collins, Vivian Pfankuch and More Set for Appalachian Potpourri of Artists, 3/22

Yes, a potpourri of Appalachian artists will amass on March 22nd from 9am to 6pm in southwest Ohio.

What is potpourri of artists you might ask? Webster Dictionary describes potpourri as a mixture of dried flower petals, leaves and spices that is used to make a room smell pleasant. Or the dictionary simply defines it as a miscellaneous collection. Either definition describes the mixture of some of Southern Ohio's best artists combined under one big roof to present a most pleasant collection of Appalachian crafts.

It's a great way to end the winter chills and blahs. Enjoy a ladies day out or family outing to rural Appalachia. Bring your gift list for home, family and friends as well as your "gifts for ME" list and shop the potpourri of artists' booths.

Appalachian artists have a theory of making use of something old and making it beautiful. So the motto "recycle, reuse and repurpose" is widely used amongst the artists.

Cincinnati native, Cindy Collins - better known as the Wool lady - has created a unique business of recycling rugs, scarves, shoulder wraps, blankets and garlands from used clothing made of 100% wool. Cindy's business, Little Lamb n Ewe Woolens, has gone from a much needed home item into a thriving business that keeps her going to festivals and shows during the cool months of the year. Cindy states that her items do not sell well in the summer months,for obvious reasons , but also humidity and rain can be hard on her wool items. To pinpoint Cindy's booth location at the March show, just look for the abundance of customers waiting to purchase one of Cindy's vibrant colored creations.

Husband and wife, R.D. and Juanita Morgan of Hillsboro, are by far the most unique entrepreneurs. In the early 1940's R.D. helped his father make walking canes and hiking sticks. R.D. is keeping the family tradition and business thriving by going to festivals, fairs and indoor events. He and Juanita also have a 70 year collection of walking sticks from all over the US, Mexico and Japan. The couple spent some time over the winter months in Texas and collected material along the banks of the Brazos River to make 20 new sticks and canes for this March event. Besides recreating a family tradition, R.D. and Juanita are a fun loving team and quickly make lifetime friends at all their shows. It turns out R.D. is quite the jokester and comedic story teller, but with a spiritual meaning. You can also locate their booth easily by the laughter and the rows of handsomely designed walking sticks and canes.

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