Carol Magnatta and Jeremy Cohen Featured in Easton Hospital Gallery, Annex, Beg. Today

Untitled, Jeremy Cohen

The State Theatre Center for the Arts announce two new exhibits in the Easton Hospital Gallery and Annex for 2014.

CAROL MAGNATTA: FRILLS, FURS & FEATHERS runs today, January 11 - March 26th in the Easton Hospital Gallery. About the show, the artist states: "After years of creating realistic, figurative paintings in oil, I decided to playfully explore pastel drawing. These works are based on those drawings, which evolved into large oil paintings. Drawing my inspirations from models who play at dress up, I began distorting their posture and transforming their features into cartoonish facades clothed in fur, feathers, and lace, enacting the role of someone else. Each model portrays an innocence that is poignant, yet playful and alluring. "

For more information about Carol, visit

An opening reception will be held on Saturday, January 18th from 6 PM - 8 PM. The reception is free and open to the public. The same evening, Chazz Palminteri stars in A Bronx Tale on the State Theatre's main stage at 8 PM. Tickets for the show are available at

JEREMY COHEN: ANOTHER SUMMER, PHOTGRAPHS runs January 11 - June 25th in the Easton Hospital Gallery Annex. Jeremy is currently a student at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. "This is a collection of portraits taken in the summer of 2013 capturing American life as I know it," he states. "Warm weather is a time when you can control like a little more than life controls you. While environment plays a big role in the story each photo speaks, I want to convey the raw, human spirit so it appears larger than life."

To learn more about Jeremy Cohen visit

The Easton Hospital Gallery and Annex is open 90 minutes prior to most main stage performances and is programmed in conjunction with ACE (Arts Community of Easton). For more information visit

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