Alan Simmons Art + Design Presents POINTS OF VIEW: NEW POINTILLISM WORKS By Kevin Page

Alan Simmons Art + Design Presents POINTS OF VIEW: NEW POINTILLISM WORKS By Kevin Page

Alan Simmons Art + Design presents Points of View: New Pointillism Works by Kevin Page at a gallery debut opening and reception for the noted Dallas area actor and artist. The event will be held this Saturday, February 23, 2013, 5:00-8:30 PM at 1415 Slocum Street, Suite 105, Dallas, TX 75207, 214-745-ALAN (2526), Dallas Design District. Kevin Page's exhibition will run from February 23 - March 30, 2013. He previously debuted his work in a group show at the gallery in December 2012.

"My style is called 'New Pointillism,'" Kevin Page said. "I make all the same decisions a traditional painter or portraitist would when creating an artistic work. I control color, line, form and composition; however, I use sophisticated software and robotics to execute much of the paint application. It is a power tool for oil painting. Most of my paintings are classically composed using principles such as the Golden Ratio or Golden Rectangle."

"In traditional pointillism, as originally conceived by Georges Seurat in the 1880's, the artist must apply thousands of tiny stokes of paint with either a brush or palate knife," Page explained. "By using very small strokes or "dots" of paint, the final image results in a "mix of color in the eye" of the beholder and appears more color-saturated than normally possible."

"Pointillism is an extremely challenging style of painting to execute. It requires the intense and sustained use of the eyes in shifting from the palette to the tiny area of the canvas being painted. The pointillist must bend, lean and hold positions for extreme periods of time in order to place the paint with sufficient precision. The physical challenge of the painting style itself has made it very difficult for serious painters of the last 130 years to work proficiently in the pointillist style," Page said.

Using advanced robotics and software platforms, Page has been able to isolate the crippling physical aspects of the painting process and eliminate the toll on the artist's body while preserving creative integrity. "I achieve a very high level of control over each discrete dot of paint in the composition. This allows me to paint with the precision of a master pointillist painter without the back-aches and strained eyes. Some of my larger-scale paintings consist of nearly a million individual dots of paint," explained Page.

As a film and television actor, Kevin Page has appeared in more than a dozen big-screen movies, including "Robocop" (1987), "The Alamo" (2004) and "Friday Night Lights" (2004). On television, he has been seen on such shows as "Seinfeld", where he played NBC executive Stu Chermack, who invited Jerry to pitch his "show about nothing"; "Wishbone", where he played 17 different classic characters opposite the dog by the same name; and "Dallas" on TNT where he currently plays J. R. Ewing's henchman, "Bum". In addition to being an artist and actor, Mr. Page was the founding vice president of an investment banking firm as well as a financial manager for the City of Dallas where he pioneered the City's EB-5 Foreign Investor Program.


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