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Hair [1967]

Score Overview

The following is a list of songs in the show or that have been included in the show in various versions:

Main Program

Red, Blue and White
a.k.a. Don't Put It Down
Ain't Got No
I Got Life
Going Down
Dead End
Frank Mills
Hare Krishna
a.k.a. Be-In
Where Do I Go?
Electric Blues
Easy to Be Hard
Manchester, England
White Boys/Black Boys
a.k.a. Black Boys/White Boys
Walking in Space
Good Morning Starshine

Added to the Broadway production

Colored Spade
I'm Black
I Believe in Love
My Conviction
Abie Baby
Prisoner's in Niggertown
a.k.a. Three-Five-Zero-Zero
What a Piece of Work Is Man
The Bed
The Flesh Failures
a.k.a. Let the Sun Shine In

Cut prior to opening

One-Thousand-Year-Old Man
a.k.a. There's a New World A'Comin'
a.k.a. One Thousand Year Old Man
So Sing the Children on the Avenue
Manhattan Beggar
Sheila Franklin
Reading the Writing
Washing the World
Hello There
I Dig
You Are Standing on My Bed
Mess O' Dirt
Oh Great God of Power
Om Mane Padme
Mr. Berger
The Rally
Eyes Look Your Last/Sentimental Ending
Claude Hooper Bukowski
Psychedelic/Stone Age

Written for the 1979 film version

Party Music
Somebody to Love

Featured Show

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