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Prettybelle Original Cast (1971)


An overview of the cast and staff information in the database is listed below.

Milton Rosenstock
Musical Director
Recording Cast
William Larsen
Henry Baines
Barbara Ann Walters
Sybil Mae Asch
Angela Lansbury
Prettybelle Sweet
Susan Plantt
Nurse/1st Go-Go Girl/Baby Doll
Linda Lubera
Nurse/2d Go-Go Girl/Waitress
Richard Kuss
Doctor Dimmer/Magistrate
Chad Block
Mayor/Pool Hall Mexican/Sheriff/1st TV Interviewer
Charlotte Rae
Mother Sweet
Renee Lippin
Lovey Sweet
Dean Crane, Jr.
John Sweet
Jon Cypher
Ray Schaeffer
Joe Morton
Willy Thomas
Igors Gavon
Cully Hart
Robert Karl
Huey Lipscomb/Sheriff
Jan Leighton
Bubba Rawlings
Brian Hall
Boy Scout
Michael Jason
Mark Dawson
Leroy Sweet
Christine Cooper
3d Go-Go Girl/Marie/Waitress
Joe Milan
Bouncer/Japanese Gardens Waiter/Sheriff/2d TV Interviewer
Peter Lombard
Mason Miller
Bert Michaels
George Blackwell
Motel Clerk
Bobby Lee
Juan Lopez
Sean Walsh
Bud Michaels
Maggie Task
Rose Anson
Howard Porter
Pickett Webster
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