Sandglass Theater to Bring D-GENERATION to Irondale Center, 2/6-15

Sandglass Theater to Bring D-GENERATION to Irondale Center, 2/6-15

Sandglass will bring D-Generation to Irondale Center in Brooklyn, from February 6 -15, on Thursdays - Saturdays at 7:30 pm, and Saturday Matinees at 3:00pm.

D-Generation: An Exaltation of Larks, Sandglass Theater's widely acclaimed and deeply moving exploration of dementia will appear at the Irondale Center in Brooklyn over the weekends fo February 5 and 16.

New York-based friends and family of Sandglass and its audiences will have the rare opportunity to see this spectacularly original piece without making the trip to southern Vermont.

D-Generation, a full-length theater piece, is based on stories written collaboratively by groups of people with late-stage dementia. The work features three puppeteers who portray the caregivers and five puppets who are the residents of a care-facility. It includes a compelling original score and striking animated video segments that attempt to illustrate the experience of a person with dementia. D-Generation takes audiences into a world that is both mysterious and all too familiar and heartbreaking for families that know it first-hand.

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