Last weekend, on May 10th, THRILLER LIVE BRASIL premiered in São Paulo. After a sucessfull season in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia, capital of the country, the musical performs at Credicard Hall, the biggest concert room of Latin America, until the end of june.

At the press conference, the creative team and part of the Brazilian cast spoked to the press about the musical. To watch the interviews click in the video below.

For information in portuguese about musicals in Brazil you can access

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Marilia Di Dio and Michelle Camhaji Marilia Di Dio and Michelle Camhaji are brazilian, graduated in Radio and Television and post graduated in Journalism. In the beginning of 2012 they opened a site specialized in musical theatre in Brazil, the 'Cena Musical' (in english 'musical scene'). Ever since they have been producing videos and reports about everything that is happening in Brazil.

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