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Dream of a Common Language (1993)

Dream of a Common Language on iTunes

Drama, Full Length / 2m, 3f, 1 boy. Winner! 1995 Helen Hayes Awards including Best New Play. This intriguing work produced at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre and in New York was inspired by an actual incident: women were banned from the artists' dinner to plan the first Impressionist painting exhibit in 1874, even though works by women were to be shown. In the play, the dinner is at the home of Victor, a successful artist, and Clovis, an artist who no longer paints. After helping with the prepara...

Dream of a Common Language
Don't Mention My Name (1993)

Don't Mention My Name on iTunes

Comedy, Full Length / 3m, 5f. An award winning playwright asks what you would do if you suffered temporary amnesia and stumbled into a bed and breakfast off season only to find you were expected for the week end. That is what happens to the leading man in this delightful comedy. The attractive real estate lady calls him by one name and the housekeeper by another. A business executive and his secretary appear with a confirmed reservation and call him by another name. The executive's wife surprise...

Don't Mention My Name
Daughters Of The Lone Star State (1993)

Daughters Of The Lone Star State on iTunes

Comedy Del Shores 11 f. Int. This is the third of the Lowake, Texas series from the author of Daddy's Dyin' (Who's Got the Will?) and Cheatin'. It's the day before Christmas Eve and The Daughters of the Lone Star State are having their annual meeting. The old group is dying out, literally, so this year's effort to attract members is all out. When "white trash" and "coloreds" arrive, chaos erupts. This funny but biting play is a wonderful challenge for an all female ensemble. Nine characters ...

Daughters Of The Lone Star State
Cross Country (1993)

Cross Country on iTunes

One Act Plays: 7 more

Cross Country
Competition Piece (1993)

Competition Piece on iTunes

Comedy, Short Play John Wells 10-21 m/f Bare stage. This clever comedy is an ideal high school competition play. Three groups of students are preparing for a drama competition. One has lots of rehearsal time and chooses a romance. The meatheads decide to do a typical teen problem play. The arty clique wants to do a one act version of King Lear as a Japanese Noh drama. Winner of several competitions, this play is certain to delight your students, your audience and those hard to please judges.

Competition Piece
Ardy Fafirsin (1993)

Ardy Fafirsin on iTunes

Based on lurid accounts of one of the most sensational murders in English history, this wild and dark mock Elizabethan farce tells the twisted and strangely compelling story of Alice Ard. This young wife was repeatedly thwarted in her attempts to murder her devoted and unsuspecting older husband with the help of her reluctant lover, her bumbling servants, a lecherous grocer, and two gluttonous murderers Black Will and Shakebag. These two find themselves lost in fog, locked out of gates, drenched...

Ardy Fafirsin
Dream of a Common Language (1993)

Drama / 2m, 3f, 1m child / This intriguing work produced at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre and in New York was inspired by an actual incident: women were banned from the artists' dinner to plan the first Impressionist painting exhibit in 1874, even though works by women were to be shown. In the play, the dinner is at the home of Victor, a successful artist, and Clovis, an artist who no longer paints. After helping with the preparations and being excluded from the dining room, Clovis devises a "w...

Dream of a Common Language
Drop Dead (1992)

Drop Dead on iTunes

Comedy, Mystery/Thriller, Full Length / 7m, 3f. A cast of has-been actors plan to revive their careers in "Drop Dead!," a potboiler murder mystery directed by "Wonder Child of the Broadway Stage" Victor Le Pewe (a psychotic eye twitching megalomaniac). At the dress rehearsal the set falls, props break, and the producer and an actor are murdered. During the opening night performance, the murders continue. The remaining thespians must save the show and their careers, solve the mystery and stay ali...

Drop Dead
Light Sensitive (1992)

Dramatic Comedy. . Characters: 2 male, 1 female. Interior Set. Thomas Hanratty, lifelong resident of Hell's Kitchen and once the most dangerous white cab driver in New York, was blinded eight years ago in a drunken accident and is fading into a routine of self pity and alcohol. His bartender and only friend, who was partly responsible for the accident, is moving to Vermont with a new lady friend, but he can't abandon Tom. He recruits an unattractive, slightly handicapped volunteer reader from...

Light Sensitive
Kindly Leave the Stage (1992)

Comedy / Characters: 3 males, 5 femalesSet Requirements: Interior. The marriage of Rupert and Sarah is on the rocks and their friends Charles and Madge, both of whom are lawyers, agree to handle the divorce. After the curtain has been up a few minutes, Rupert forgets his lines, has a brain storm and threatens to kill Charles in full view of the audience because he's been having an affair off stage, with Rupert's real wife, Madge. Quite true as it happens. The rest of the cast try to ignore the i...

Kindly Leave the Stage
Established Price (1991)

Established Price on iTunes

Comedy, Full Length / 4m. This timely comedy by the author of Split Second and Modigliani is a tale of white collar angst in this age of corporate takeovers. The central character, Frank Daniels played in regional productions by both Kenneth McMillan and Jason Robards, is the former general counsel for a cannibalized corporation and he does not intend to go gently into forced retirement. He refuses to pack, tears up the office, and tries to get his fellow executives to decline their golden parac...

Established Price
Doctor Death (1991)

Doctor Death on iTunes

Comedy, Full Length Play, 3m, 7f. The author of I Shot My Rich Aunt sets this merry murder on a yacht in the French Riviera. The guests on board discover they are marked for a madman's murderous vengeance when Old Maid cards on which each is named and nastily described arrive. Can the malevolent mastermind be Linda Luscious, Victor Valor, bartender Margarita Martini, steward Queenie Quill, TV hostess Wendy Windy, shy secretary Portia Peck, sleazy Ritchy Raunchy, private eye Harry Hulk, math expe...

Doctor Death
Cementville (1991)

Cementville on iTunes

Comedy / 5m, 9f / The comic sensation of the 1991 Humana Festival at the Actors Theatre of Louisville, this play by the author of Talking With and numerous hits is a brilliant portrayal of America's fascination with fantasy entertainment. In a locker room in a seedy arena in Tennessee, the scurvy bunch of professional lady wrestlers includes Tiger who has a drinking problem and a small dog; Dani who displays a chip on her shoulder against the promoter who owes the girls several weeks' pay; Lessa...

Bridal Terrorism (1991)

Bridal Terrorism on iTunes

Comedy / 3m, 3f / Simple exterior Lionel anticipates a quiet afternoon in the park. Just as he settles on a bench with a book, an armed woman in a wedding gown approaches with her bridal retinue. May has booked the church and the reception hall. All she needs is a groom and Lionel looks like a good prospect. He is not keen on the idea but May and her wedding party are persistent. Lionel eventually gives in, but May has second thoughts when he discloses that he lives in an institution and has on...

Bridal Terrorism
Amber Waves (Full-Length) (1991)

Amber Waves (Full-Length) on iTunes

Full Length, Drama / 3 m., 3 f. / Unit set. / This acclaimed one act about children in a struggling farm family is now available in a full length version that builds on the emotional strengths of the shorter play. See description of the one act version for more information.

Amber Waves (Full-Length)
Woyzeck (Bentley) (1991)

Drama / Characters: 14 male, 4 female Sacrificed to powers larger than himself, Woyzeck is one of drama's first anti-heroes. He serves a German captain and makes money by allowing a doctor to experiment on him, but his deeper morality leads him to a tragic end.

Woyzeck (Bentley)
Who's Under Where? (1991)

Marcia Kash and Doug Hughes . Farce. Characters: 5 male, 2 female. Interior Set. Jane and Sybil are on the verge of the deal of their lives. They have rented a hotel suite for a very private showing of their "Passion Fashion Wear" lingerie. Only famous Italian designer Bruno Fruferelli is to attend. The models are booked, the champagne is on ice and the sexy samples are on display. They have anticipated every contingency, expect the arrival of their jealous husbands who have jumped to the wron...

Who's Under Where?
Ravenscroft (1991)

Mystery / 1m, 5f / Simple unit set This psychological drama is a thinking person's Gothic thriller, a dark comedy that is both funny and frightening. On a snowy night, Inspector Ruffing is called to a remote house to investigate the headlong plunge of Patrick Roarke down the main staircase. He becomes involved in the lives of five alluring and dangerous women: Marcy, the beautiful Viennese governess with a past; Mrs. Ravenscroft, the flirtatious lady of the manor; Gillian, her charming but poss...

Murderous Crossing (1991)

Full Length / Comedic Mystery / 4m, 3f / Interior The year is 1923 and audience members are passengers on board the HMS Victoria as it crosses the English Channel. The famous Inspector Clurrot has tracked down a homicidal mastermind hiding out on board. Meanwhile, the ship is the vessel of matrimony for the Contessa Follette and John D. Rothchild - a marriage encouraged through financial need and murderous greed. But not everything is as it seems, and it turns out that the English Channel isn't...

Murderous Crossing
Men in Suits (1991)

Comedy/Drama / 3 m. / Simply suggested sets Charles Durning, Dan Lauria and James Handy starred at Westport Country Playhouse of this portrait of up and coming Mafia soldiers: Bobby who does as he's told and never questions the legendary Boss and Max who is haunted by the screams of people they've killed. They whack the wrong guy in Grand Central Station and are seen driving to Vermont to confess their error. Short scenes chronicle the drive; settings en route are easily suggested with set pi...

Men in Suits
Diaries of Adam and Eve, The (1990)

Diaries of Adam and Eve, The on iTunes

Dramatic Comedy, Full Length / 1m, 1f. Mark Twain's The Diaries of Adam and Eve is a uniquely American theatre piece, funny, beautiful, and deeply moving. Twain's Garden of Eden bursts with wit, laughter and the lyric poignance of the first love and the first loss. David Birney has crafted a light-hearted look at the world's first love story through the eyes of America's greatest humorist, Mark Twain. The Diaries is a uniquely American theatre piece. It was first produced for PBS American Playho...

Diaries of Adam and Eve, The
Beanie and The Bamboozling Book Machine (1990)

Beanie and The Bamboozling Book Machine on iTunes

Fantasy / 13 m.& f. / Beanie Boren, a science wiz who is not keen on reading, has designed a book reading machine for the science fair. It combines a computer, a mini video cam and a contraption of his own design to enable one to read three books at once. Unfortunately, the machine is neither user friendly nor bug free. When Beanie turns it on, lights flash, thunder booms and out pop the witches from Snow White, Hansel and Gretel and the The Wizard of Oz, each set to wreak havoc! Beanie must get...

Beanie and The Bamboozling Book Machine
Bag of Green Apples (1990)

Bag of Green Apples on iTunes

Patricia, a young woman of twenty, returns to the scene of her childhood-- her aunt Ester's beach house. She hopes to learn from her aunt, who raised her, answers about her past so that she can better understand who she is in the present. She interacts with Patty (her ten year old self) as well as with Ester of past and present. She finally decides to stay.

Bag of Green Apples
Amorous Ambassador (1990)

Amorous Ambassador on iTunes

Farce / 4m, 4f / Interior When Harry Douglas, the new American Ambassador to Great Britain, tells his family he is going to Scotland to play golf, his wife and daughter announce weekend plans of their own. Their newly hired butler, Perkins, watches stoically as each leaves and secretly returns for a romantic rendezvous in the empty house. Harry's secretary and Captain South of Marine Corps Embassy Security then arrive in the wake of a bomb threat and the embassy is sealed off, with hilarious re...

Amorous Ambassador
All New Scenes For Young Actor (1990)

All New Scenes For Young Actor on iTunes

This collection of 14 scenes about contemporary topics appears to actors and actresses from 6 to 15. Issues range from baby-sitting and violin lessons to drugs and stolen money.

All New Scenes For Young Actor
The Diaries of Adam and Eve (1990)

Comedy . Characters: 1 male, 1 female . Exterior Set. Originally broadcast on American Playhouse, this delightful adaptation is set in a Victorian garden and is structured as a series of diary entries by Adam and Eve. The play also works as a reader's theatre piece. At first, Adam is puzzled by the new arrival in the garden and he is suspicious of her disturbing appetite for fruit. Eve, believing herself to be some sort of experiment, is curious about another experiment in the garden, perhaps s...

The Diaries of Adam and Eve
Darkside (1989)

Darkside on iTunes

Drama Ken Jones 3 m., 2 f., plus one m. or f. Unit set. Two American astronauts are stranded in a lunar landing module on the dark side of the moon while a third orbits in the command module. As they work with ground control toward rescue, flashbacks reveal their stories.

Cincinnati and Other Plays (1989)

Cincinnati and Other Plays on iTunes

Drama 1f A lectern on a bare stage This complex and terrifying play is about a woman who has embraced the illusion of central position she believes she is the center of the universe, that when she moves from one location it is disassembled by evil demons and reassembled elsewhere, and that the universe exists simply to torment her, distract her from the true nature of things, and give her as much pain as possible. Powerful, funny, disturbing and disorienting, this play stretches one actress t...

Cincinnati and Other Plays
Belles (1989)

Belles on iTunes

This is a play in 2 acts and 45 phone calls. The six Walker sisters hail from Memphis, but now they are scattered all over the country. Only Peggy still lives in Memphis, where she cares for Mama. When the play begins, Peggy is phoning her sisters to tell them that Mama is in the hospital. Nothing serious she just ate some bad tuna. An intriguing story of vivid characters and involving conflicts emerges in the ensuing phone calls among the sisters. Your audiences will love this endearing play ...

Allocating Annie (1989)

Allocating Annie on iTunes

Comedy / 3m, 4f / Interior When Cliff Tucker inherits an orphan on the eve of his wedding to wealthy Bobbi Ralston, he figures he can handle matters until the foundling turns out to be full grown and gorgeous with an infant in her arms. While Cliff is fielding this disaster, his lawyer, who is in love with Bobbi, plots to scuttle the wedding. Plans backfire and lunacy multiplies when a struggling actor arrives and Cliff's housekeeper/sister lets him move into the apartment Cliff is vacating. Th...

Allocating Annie
Cinderella Meets the Wolfman (1988)

Cinderella Meets the Wolfman on iTunes

Musical Book by Tim Kelly. Music and Lyrics by Jack Sharkey. 9m, 14f (doubling possible), optional chorus. Cinderella encounters a Prince who has inherited "The Charming Curse" and becomes a wolf every full moon. Igor, hired by King and Queen Charming to keep an eye on their son, a movie star who's come to attend the royal wedding (which will occur if Prince Charming can take a bride without devouring her), and a gypsy who can get a fortune for a genuine stuffed werewolf (she's got a silver b...

Cinderella Meets the Wolfman
Cinderella Waltz (1987)

Cinderella Waltz on iTunes

Comedy 4m, 5f Single Set Rosey Snow is trapped in a fairy tale world that is by turns funny and a little frightening, with her stepsisters Goneril and Regan, her demented stepmother, her lecherous father, a bewildered Prince, a fairy godmother who sings salty old sailor songs, a troll and a possibly homicidal village idiot. This play investigates the archetypal origins of the world's most popular fairy tale, contrasting the familiar and charming Perrault version with the darker, more ancient...

Cinderella Waltz
Actors Write For Actors (1986)

Actors Write For Actors on iTunes

Dramatic and Comedic Monologues M and F Bare Stage The author's of this new monologue collection have all worked as actors - and, more importantly, have spent years auditioning for roles. Actors Write for Actors was written on the premise that the selection of monologues available from published plays is limited and the best pieces are more often than not overdone. Deborah Cowles Scott, Jason Milligan and Robert Spera have created fresh material to add to the existing body of audition pieces ...

Actors Write For Actors
Gertrude Stein and a Companion (1986)

Drama / 2f / This extraordinary play won first prize at both the Edinburgh Festival and the Theatre Festival in Sydney, Australia, as well as the Vita Award in South Africa as Best Play. The play begins just after the death of Gertrude Stein. Her ghost returns to Alice B. Toklas and the genesis and development of their relationship is richly portrayed. Mr. Wells has truly captured the feeling, art, music and literature of Paris of those years, when Pablo and Ernest and Henri and all of Gertrude'...

Gertrude Stein and a Companion
Drop Dead (1985)

Comedy / Characters: 7 male, 3 female Scenery: Interior . A cast of has been actors plan to revive their careers in Drop Dead!, a potboiler murder mystery directed by "Wonder Child of the Broadway Stage" Victor Le Pewe (a psychotic eye twitching megalomaniac). At the dress rehearsal the set falls, props break, and the producer and an actor are murdered. During the opening night performance, the murders continue. The remaining thespians must save the show and their careers, solve the mystery and ...

Drop Dead
Dracula: The Musical? (1984)

Dracula: The Musical? on iTunes

Musical, Comedy, Full length / 4m, 4f. At its New York City premiere, patrons stood in line in a blizzard for tickets. At its Australian premiere, every seat for every performance was sold, and one critic noted, "the performance was one of the most enjoyable I've seen . . . My only other experience of the Dracula play . . . was the one that Sir Robert Helpmann directed . . . I can honestly say I enjoyed this one much more. It exhibited a superb sense of humor." Melodic, rollicking and hilarious,...

Dracula: The Musical?
Don't Tell Mother ! (1984)

Don't Tell Mother ! on iTunes

Comedy, Farce, Full Length / 3m, 5f. On the evening that timid librarian Cinnamon Schmidt and her mother are to entertain her fiance Hobart and his mother at serene family dinner, Cinnamon comes home in shock because she has witnessed a bank robbery and is the only one who can identify the crook. She confides her terror to chum Deedee Malone, not daring to tell her mother and then federal agent Joe Shimko arrives having gotten a tip that the robber, Orville Maddox, is en route to bump off the wi...

Don't Tell Mother !
Cabin Fever (1984)

Cabin Fever on iTunes

Black comedy / 2m, 1f / Unit Set / This comedy of menace features three malevolent New England oldsters on a country porch reciting horrifying and hysterically funny stories about local customs. "Cabin Fever" has been produced around the globe.

Cabin Fever
Toyer (1984)

Drama / Characters: 1 male, 1 femaleThis psychological thriller is a favorite in acting workshops. It is a mind game play. Toyer is someone who toys; he is a mass paralyzer who toys with his victims. He does not murder or rape, he seduces and them immobilizes. Following productions in Los Angles and the Actors Studio, it was produced at the Eisenhower Theatre and the Kennedy Center with Kathleen Turner and Brad Davis, directed by Tony Richardson. . "Strong stuff. . .Outlandish mind games. Riveti...

Beside Yourself (1983)

Beside Yourself on iTunes

Comedy / 2m, 2f / The ultimate mistaken identity comedy! Four actors each play two parts twins. Some married, some single, all amusingly characterized are at a motel for a study of human behavior. What a study! It takes only one twin wanting an extra marital fling to set off a hilarious chain reaction. Not only is there predictable, farcical confusion, but also a stunning surprise. A comic tour de force about who we are now. "Takes the mistaken identity ploy, gives it an imaginative contem...

Beside Yourself
Baby (1983)

Baby on iTunes

Comedy / 4m, 4f, 4 m or f / In this fast paced play Baby completely forgets his (or her) pre baby training and is completely overwhelmed by adults from birth to the first birthday. Bad breath in the face, being tossed high into the air, and unwanted vocabulary lessons assail the infant before Baby is coached to employ tricks that drive adults to distraction.

Attempted Murder of Peggy Sweetwater, The (1983)

Attempted Murder of Peggy Sweetwater, The on iTunes

Farce, 7m, 4f; 1930's. In this light hearted tale of attempted murder on a banana plantation in South America. in the British potboiler a la Monte Python style, three bumbling upper class twits attempt to solve a gaggle of murder attempts. "Illegitimate triplets, poisoned crumpets, unregistered Liberian freighters and ancient Siamese bone china all work themselves into the silliest of funny plots."-- Pacesetter/Highlander. "A double barreled blast of pure nonsensical comedy."-- L.A. Times.

Attempted Murder of Peggy Sweetwater, The
Robin Hood (1983)

Comedy Characters: 14 male, 8 female (more if desired.) . Unit set.. In a land where the rich get richer and the poor are starving, Prince John wants to cut down Sherwood Forest to put up an arms manufactory, a slaughterhouse and a tennis court for the well to do. This bawdy epic unites elements of wild farce and ancient mythologies with an environmentalist assault on the arrogance of wealth and power in the face of poverty and hunger using feeble and insane jesters, a demonic snake oil salesma...

Robin Hood
Out of Sight... Out of Murder (1983)

Mystery Comedy / Characters: 4 males, 5 females Set Rewuirements: Interior. Peter Knight is grinding out a murder story in an old mansion where another author was murdered years before. A weird electrical storm effects a cosmic snafu and his characters come to life. There's the lovely ingenue, the trusty butler, a feisty character woman, a dauntless hero, a fascinating "other woman," the always pregnant serving girl, and the wily lawyer waiting for midnight to read the will. Peter looses control...

Out of Sight... Out of Murder
Dream Crust (1982)

Dream Crust on iTunes

Drama, Full Length, Period / 3m, 3f, 1 boy. Frank Haynes, an earth loving farmer, has given up his hound-dogging and high times under the pressure of the family's admonition that "A man has got to get ahead." Haynes would be happy to do nothing but tend his farm and reap whatever profit it might generate. But he realizes that there are five mouths depending on him and the lure of big money available to him in a nearby big city factory too great to ignore. Set against a backdrop of the land-locke...

Dream Crust
It Had to be You (1982)

Comedy / 1m, 1f / This delightful comedy which starred the authors on Broadway is about Theda Blau, a failed actress, health food nut, analysand and would-be playwright who wants to find love and success in New York, and Vito Pignoli, a hugely successful TV commercial director. By holding him hostage in her apartment on a snowy Christmas Eve, she somehow manages to convince him to be her partner both in on the page and off.

It Had to be You
Having a Wonderful Time, Wish You Were Her (1982)

Comedy. Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore. Characters: 3 male, 3 female. Single set. This wild bedroom farce involves infidelity, double standards, midnight rendezvous and a hungry bear. Danny and Kathy halt their night of sultry passion when Kathy reveals she is dating another man. Paul and Jennifer play a mad slapstick scene of frustration because she is reluctant to cheat on her husband. Bill and Mary, a couple about to celebrate their twenty ninth wedding anniversary are at odds: Mary yearn...

Having a Wonderful Time, Wish You Were Her
Division Street (1981)

Division Street on iTunes

Comedy, Full Length Play / 6m, 2f. Chris, a burnt out sixties radical, has settled in Chicago seeking obscurity as an insurance underwriter. He wants to forget his activist past, but is besieged by old cronies and unwanted new ones: a former Black militant, now a transexual city cop; his loopy ex-wife wife who speaks only the words of rock song cliches; a bomb wielding Serbian restauranteur; a former partner in radicalism who now rails agianst the "women's movement"; a prostitute who espouses th...

Division Street
Cleo's Cafe (1981)

Cleo's Cafe on iTunes

Children's play 2m, 4f Int. Cleo's Cafe fascinates the very young with puppetry and robots while delighting older children and adults with a comical, intelligent, contemporary plot. When Cleo wants to buy and manage the cafe where she works and tries to convince Pierre to be her partner, an excitable chef who flies into tantrums over lost recipes and gives musical French lessons, Pierre reluctantly agrees with one condition-- Cleo must regain the customers lost by the former manager. A puppet...

Cleo's Cafe
But Why Bump Off Barnaby (1981)

But Why Bump Off Barnaby on iTunes

Mystery Farce / 4m, 6f / This lunatic show poses a fascinating mystery. When Barnaby Folcey is murdered at a family gathering at Marlgate Manor, it transpires that he had a motive to murder everybody else but no one had a reason to want him dead. While dying, he scrawled the letters "b- a-r," which can implicate everyone. While the bizarre group frantically tries to unmask the murderer, people vanish, poison is found in the sherry and the police take forever to arrive. Meanwhile, there's a secre...

But Why Bump Off Barnaby

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