Les Mis parody: "End of the Day"
Pictured (left to right): Jessica Snider, Jodi Perry, William Thompson, Tiffany Hernandez, Nate VanRoosendaal (back), Ammon Pluim (front), Kelliey Chavez

I grew up in the 70's and loved watching all the variety shows that were on TV at the time: Sony and Cher, Donnie and Marie, Carol Brunette and others. WE NEED A LITTLE CHRISTMAS was very much in the style of these shows and made me very nostalgic for my childhood and when I used to believe in Santa Claus (now I believe he is the feeling of Christmas).

The set was pretty much the same set as the last show painted to look like stone and snow, lots of grey and white, a monochromatic set but the perfect showcase for the colorful costumes to come. The projections were on a curtain against the back wall, it would have been nice if they could have some sort of rigidness to the fabric so the projections would not be so distorted. But the projections were nice scenes of snowy days and were suited to the scene that was happening at the time, for instance: they projected photos of the war from 1914 and the Christmas truce during a monologue written from accounts.

They showcased Christmas themed songs from different movies and musicals; some were re-worded to be a Christmas song, like "I'm the King of New York" became "I'm Shopping in New York". I have to say the best song of the night, where no one person stood out and the softness of the song required the style to be the same was "Coventry Carol" other song were fine, you can tell the cast has talent, this was just my favorite of the night. The song that was the most fun to watch was "Hot Chocolate".

The costume changes were great and helped maintain the variety show aspect of the performance. They had beautiful dresses in reds, whites and blacks. I think that this show almost had more costume changes than some of the larger cast shows. There were a few dresses that I wished I owned for a Holiday party coming up.

It was an enjoyable night although I did notice some awkwardness on stage which could be from it being the first night back after a four day break. Even though they were a bit awkward, it was a delightful night especially when they had a sing along and the audience joined in. You can't tell me the spirit of Christmas is dead, it's not, it's in the audience of Knock 'Em Dead because WE [All] NEED A LITTLE CHRISTMAS.

"Counting Down to Christmas" from A Christmas Story the Musical
Back row: Dale Laughlin, Victor Castillo, Nate VanRoosendaal
Two boys: William Thompson (back), Ammon Pluim (front)
Front row: Kelliey Chavez, Tiffany Hernandez, Jodi Perry

Photos by Mark Thompson

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