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What do you think of when you hear Idaho? Boise, maybe? Potatoes? Well, now you can add comedy to that list. Idaho now has it's very own annual Laugh Fest. Megan Bryant took it upon herself to create and do the arrangements for the First Annual IDAHO LAUGH FEST, with the help of a few local comedians and personal cheerleaders. She should be commended for putting together such a GREAT comedy filled event.

It took place on January 10th and 11th. It was the perfect time for this type of event. It wasn't too cold this year and most of the venues were near enough to each other to walk. Comedy Sportz was a drive away from most but not too far away and definitely worth it.

Organizer, Comedian, Member of Chicks n Giggles

I think I will recommend a shuttle for next year. Most of the venues had drinks offered, and some had food. The venues were Liquid, The Reef, The Egyptian Theatre, Comedy Sportz (which had Brown Shuga Soul Food Truck), and China Blue. So, if you went for as many venues and events as you could, you could get something to eat as well, it would be bad form to make the audience starve; the comedians do enough of that for everyone.

Magan was able to gather up around 70 artists from the east coast to the west coast, from the north to the south. There is sure to be many comedians who meet your particular tastes. They ranged in talent from just having started 6 months ago (well, one admitted to that anyway) to well seasoned and improv.

All of these comedians were spread over 20 events over 2 days. Of those 20 events, 5 were workshops. Oh, and there was a "pre fest" show on Thursday night at Liquid Laughs and a "post fest" show on Sunday night, too. I think it's equivalent to warm ups and cool downs when you exercise, and you will get plenty of exercise if you come to any number of the shows. I hit 10, which is probably the largest number you can go to without the "pre" or "post" shows without being able to duplicate yourself.

I managed to hit 2 of the 5 workshops, I could have made another but there were logistics involved that I was just unable to manage. But after going to the two I managed I would have loved to only have workshops the entire Fest, but that is not what it is about. The two I managed to attend were "The Business of Stand Up" (Jen Adams & Matt Bragg) and "Storytelling"(Jessica Holmes). As a teacher, these two alone were terrific, inspiring, motivating and I would love to invite them to come and speak in my acting classes. It is amazing how every subject is related. The other topics were "Musical Improv", "Stand Up Comedy Seminar" and "Intro to Improv" taught by wonderful instructors (Pat Short with Comedy Sportz-Portland, Eddie Brill from The David Letterman Show, and Steven Zunich from Boise Improv Theater, respectively)

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