BWW Reviews: Come In And Sit For A SPELL OF COLD WEATHER

BWW Reviews: Come In And Sit For A SPELL OF COLD WEATHER
(Left to right) Bradley Campbell, Maggie Schultz

Treasure Valley Children's Theater had a class that was ending and they sang us some Christmas songs to set the mood for their graduation of the class. They may hate me for saying this but they were adorable. I am sure their confidence is just going to grow.

The show, A SPELL FOR COLD WEATHER by Charles Way, began after a short break. The show was a sweet story. It takes place on a poor farm. It seemed to take place during the depression but it could have just as easily been in medieval times. I love these stories that tell a moral and define a tradition. Betty (Anastasia Van Allen) and Bob (Steve Martin) live on a farm where the life has gone out of living. They used to sing, dance and play games -but no more.

They used to feed Tomos Trickman (Bradley Campbell), a faerie who helps keep the joy in life, especially when he's been fed but he hasn't been fed in many years and he is hungry. Tomos Trickman hasn't been seen or heard by Betty or Bob on the farm and Betty doesn't even want to think about Tomos and says that he doesn't exist.

Betty's sister in the city is having surgery and she sends her daughter Holly (Maggie Schultz) to Betty and Bob to watch after her during her [the sister's] recovery. Holly, being a child and still the age of believing, sees Tomos and helps Betty and Bob find their joy again.

The set was simple. Mostly just curtains with hangers to support the window frames and the sun/moon, a simple table with stools center and a bed off to the left. The lights were simple as the sound design. It suited the size of the performance space.

The actors were very professional. It was easy to hear them and understand that they were saying. They made sure to engage the children in the audience. The children were throughouly engaged. I do so enjoy theatre for younglings, how they explain things to each other and talk during the show and try to engage the actors, you know that no two shows will be the same.

This is a show that is fun, especially for families and those with young children. It was engaging and enjoyable. They know it's for children so it is a reasonably short performance with no intermission. A great Christmas show for all.

BWW Reviews: Come In And Sit For A SPELL OF COLD WEATHER
(Left to right) Anastasia Van Allen, Maggie Schultz, Bradley Campbell, Steve Martin

Photos taken by Autumn Kersey

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