BWW Reviews: BUS STOP Shows A Slice of Life

BWW Reviews: BUS STOP Shows A Slice of Life

Boise Little Theater (BLT) is continuing their 66th season with BUS STOP by William Inge. BUS STOP is a story that takes place in a diner in Kansas during the late winter ("in like a lion" is mentioned a few times early in the play) in 1955. The era of bobby socks, Happy Days and Rock n' Roll. It is a story of the passengers on a bus who are stranded overnight due to a storm. There are 4 passengers, not including the bus driver, and none of them are happy to be stranded at Grace's Diner.

This was a quaint production. They tried to remind of us that it took place during the 1950's by having a monochromatic color scheme. Everything on the set was black and white and the costumes were varying shades of gray with a touch of red here and there.

I think that with this performance, that the cast was on par with each other. However, I would like to point out a few members of the supporting cast. As the sheriff, Will Masters, Shaun Vincent captured that Bonanza, John Wayne, Maverick feel. The tough guy with the soft heart and quick humor. Lex Gonzalez played Elma Duckworth the doey eyed, young romantic who does well with school, but not in love. She was just gullible enough to be believable and lovable. You will feel sorry for her in the end. And last but not least, the old and wise sidekick a la Sam Elliot was Jerry Snodgrass portraying Virgil Blessing.

There was a good sized audience for this production and they were in good spirits. Both as they arrived and as they left. If you want to get out for the evening and find some entertainment, you can't go too wrong with BLT's BUS STOP.

BWW Reviews: BUS STOP Shows A Slice of Life
(Behind the counter from left to right) Jerry Snodgrass, Shaun Vincent (Front row from left to right) Austin Kirkham, Alies Watson, Darrell Boatwright, Kierra Hansen, Layne Taylor and Lex Gonzalez
Photo taken by: Paul Budge Photography

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