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BWW Reviews: AS YOU LIKE IT - You Will Love It

June 16
4:55 PM 2014
BWW Reviews: AS YOU LIKE IT - You Will Love It
From (left to right) Gordon Reinhart, Torsten Johnson, Betsy Mugavero, Juan Rivera Lebron, Lori McNally, J. Todd Adams, Christine Weber, Dustin Tucker, Atlie Gilbert, and Justin Ness
Photo taken by DKM Photography

I have seen a few different versions of AS YOU LIKE IT over the years. I think when watching Shakespeare it's gets easier and more enjoyable each time you see it, since you understand what is happening. However, I think this production does such a good job of telling the story through the actions they chose to go along with the dialogue, that someone who knew nothing about the story could tell you what it was about.

I really enjoyed the look of this production, but I am in love with the early 20th century industrial/steampunk, late Victorian era influence and esthetics. This production was set in the early 1900's and has a very industrial feel. The costumes were gorgeous on the women and many of the men were very dashing (as dashing as one can be in a forest). I think Kim Krumm Sorenson's choice of colors and fabrics were so lovely to see. And the set by Russell Metheny did not take anything away from the beauty of the hills of the Treasure Valley and used wheels with locking mechanisms for a great way to "quick change" from the city to the forest.

Betsy Mugavero's Rosalind/Ganymede was a wonderfully feisty and sassy character. It was a great choice for this production. Christine Weber as her cousin, Celia/Aliena was a great balance for the feminine represented on the stage, and a voice of reason for her cousin.

There was a bit of a surprise with a few of the men: they sang barbershop style songs that fit whatever situation was happening. And it may not seem that surprising to most, but one of the gentlemen singers was one of my professors at Boise State University - I just didn't know he could sing and sing well.

I thought this production was a wonderful way to spend a not-quite midsummer's night. Edward Morgan should be proud of his production team and proud of his actors.

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