re: Upbeat Male Audition Songs

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Upbeat Male Audition Songs
Posted: 6/20/07 at 05:08pm
Any suggestions? I'm thinking Moving Too Fast from The Last Five Years but it's pretty high.
Updated On: 6/20/07 at 05:08 PM
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re: Upbeat Male Audition Songs
Posted: 6/20/07 at 05:15pm
What Do I Need with Love? from MILLIE

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re: Upbeat Male Audition Songs
Posted: 6/20/07 at 05:36pm
Since americanboy99 mentioned Millie, I have always been fond of "I turned the corner".
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re: Upbeat Male Audition Songs
Posted: 6/20/07 at 05:51pm
Just so you know, pianists world over will hate you if you choose to to a Jason Robert Brown song for an audition. Being a rehearsal/audition pianist, I can speak from experience. Plus- they are WAY overdone.
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re: Upbeat Male Audition Songs
Posted: 6/20/07 at 05:57pm
Hundreds of Girls from Mack and Mabel. Not rangy, but very upbeat.
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re: Upbeat Male Audition Songs
Posted: 6/20/07 at 06:01pm
Katurian, I agree. NEVER bring in a Jason Robert Brown piece for an audition. Those pieces are killer to learn on the piano and I'd imagine very difficult to sightread. You'd probably only hurt yourself for bringing in a JRB song.

"Purpose" from Avenue Q
"Giants in the Sky" from Into the Woods
"What Do I Need With Love?" from Thoroughly Modern Millie
"I Got Rhythm" from Crazy For You (just change "man" to "gal")
"How Lucky You Are" from Seussical
"Dancing Through Life" from Wicked
"Luck Be A Lady" from Guys and Dolls
"Surry With the Fringe on Top" from Oklahoma
"Ten Minutes Ago" from Cinderella (although not way upbeat)
"Sunday Clothes" from Hello Dolly
"What You Own" from RENT (although I never suggest singing RENT)

Now, I know not all of these are the BEST song choices for auditions, but it's still a list of upbeat songs for males, no doubt...just to give you an idea.
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