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monologues for auditions
Posted: 2/8/05 at 07:48pm
What are some great monologues from plays for girls age rang pre-teen to older teen? Thanks!
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re: monologues for auditions
Posted: 2/9/05 at 01:16pm
there are few good books at Borders that are specifically for that age group. I bought a book there a few years ago, and have landed many jobs from their selections. Also look for books by Glen Alterman. If you are near NYC he coaches auditions and will even write a monlogue for you. A word of advice, dont do a monologue from a movie for a stage audition.
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So I just went through 256 results for the search of "monologues" and didn't really find what I was looking for. And although sometimes I find this comment somewhat obnoxious" USE THE SEARCH FEATURE! (that was the rant of a disgusted theatre student)

I would like a monologue from The Laramie Project, or The Normal Heart, and I can't find the script online for the Laramie Project, and I do have other homework still and can't sit down and re-read The Normal Heart. I am looking for female monologues, and would love it if anyone out there knows if there is anything that I could do in these plays and where I could find it, either online, or in the book(only for The Normal Heart though, I don't have The Laramie Project) THANKS SOO MUCH!
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