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shows tours
Posted: 9/3/14 at 01:45pm
hi I do not get why tours of great shows like newises will stop in mass but not nh,vt or maine because I would love to see them.
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shows tours
Posted: 9/3/14 at 01:50pm
It's all about venue, city, and local presenters.
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shows tours
Posted: 9/3/14 at 02:31pm
You can't get it all. For years here in Louisville we were getting the bottom of the barrel in terms of new productions, and "good" shows. Its starting to pick up but you just have to face the fact that some seasons are better than others. I would have loved to get Kinky Boots but maybe next year. The indivisual venues try to please as many people as the can.
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shows tours
Posted: 9/3/14 at 02:51pm
Sometimes tours will extend their run and go to more cities. Maybe they just haven't added yours to their schedule yet!
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shows tours
Posted: 9/3/14 at 03:54pm
Write to the management of your local tour venue. Tell them what shows you would like to see. Get your friends to do the same. Let them know which shows you have seen there and liked in the past, and which you did not. Let them know there is an interest in their audience base.
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shows tours
Posted: 9/3/14 at 04:59pm
It all really depends on venue. The venue pays to present these shows. If they don't think it will, they won't pay for them. Also, it depends on the scale of the production. Wicked and Lion King can't play the smaller markets because their sets are too big to fit a lot of the smaller spaces.

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