Crazy For You Revival

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Crazy For You Revival
Posted: 9/2/14 at 01:45am
Has there been any talk of the current production of Crazy For You at the Stratford Festival transferring to Broadway? It's gotten universally positive reviews, extra performances have been added and there was even a cast recording recorded. I will be making a trip up to see it at the end of this month and would love to see it come to Broadway - maybe in late 2015?
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Crazy For You Revival
Posted: 9/2/14 at 01:52am
The Stratford production of Jesus Christ Superstar was sold out and got positive reviews as well. We know how that worked out.

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Princeton Returns
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Crazy For You Revival
Posted: 9/2/14 at 02:25am
With An American In Paris opening I doubt it
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Crazy For You Revival
Posted: 9/2/14 at 03:08am
Yeah they pretty much share the same score according to the press announcement.
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Crazy For You Revival
Posted: 9/2/14 at 08:31am
There really is no point in reviving it unless the original staging is used. With yet another Gershwin retread on it's way, Stroman's choreography is the one thing that makes Crazy for You stand out.

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