Chicken Fat

Broadway Legend
Chicken Fat
Posted: 8/12/14 at 11:45am
Oh those crazy 1960s when Broadway people (Robert Preston, Meredith Wilson) influenced school exercise programs.

Maybe they should use more Broadway music in exercise programs.
If anyone ever tells you that you put too much Parmesan cheese on your pasta, stop talking to them. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.
Chicken Fat
Posted: 8/12/14 at 10:34pm
That is Meredith Willson, not Wilson. Quite an interesting guy who worked in TV, radio, and Hollywood as well as Broadway. Any OTR fans might have heard him on the Burns and Allen or Jack Benny programs.

Being in Jr High when Chicken Fat came out, I have very bright memories of doing the exercises in the record at the start of every gym class that year. So bright that when the song was used in the Apple commercial this year I could hear that it was not the same but close after not hearing it for almost 50 years.

Unfortunately, over the years, the chicken has given me back the chicken fat
Broadway Legend
Chicken Fat
Posted: 8/13/14 at 10:41am
A true musical theatre aficionado would recognize immediately that the voice on the Apple commercial is NOT Robert Preston. Apparently it was cheaper or easier to record a new version rather than get the rights to the original recording.

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