Love Letters seating issue

Love Letters seating issue
Posted: 8/12/14 at 01:23am
Has anyone else noticed they aren't selling like the right side of the mezzanine for Love Letters?
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Cupid Boy2
Love Letters seating issue
Posted: 8/12/14 at 11:39am
I looked at a few dates last night for Carol Burnette's run, and there were actually no seats coming up in the mezzanine at all. Very strange. Glad to hear I'm not the only one encountering issues.

Updated On: 8/12/14 at 11:39 AM
The Pecan Sandies
Love Letters seating issue
Posted: 8/12/14 at 12:21pm
It seems like they are having a lot of issues. I ordered tickets for the Alan Alda run 2 days after they went on sale and the next day got an email from ticketmaster stating there was a delay in delivery for tickets even though im printing them online. I really hope i don't loose my seats because of these issues because it still says there is a delay
Love Letters seating issue
Posted: 8/12/14 at 12:25pm
They've delayed sending the link for e-tickets for The Last Ship & IIRC, they did it for ScarJo's run in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof too. I wouldn't worry about it as long as you have your order confirmation including seat assignment handy.
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Broadway Legend
Love Letters seating issue
Posted: 8/12/14 at 12:32pm
Love Letters and Honeymoon in Vegas are going to be swapping theaters. If you check Honeymoon on Ticketmaster right now, the mezzanine seats are mostly missing and the orchestra is actually the Nederlander, not the Atkinson. Should be sorted out once the switch is officially announced.

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