Age Appropriate Kurt Weill songs

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Age Appropriate Kurt Weill songs
Posted: 8/8/14 at 06:56am
Hi, Looking to find some age appropriate Kurt Weill material. Doesn't matter who his lyricist was -- though it doesn't hurt if the piece is accessible for an audition. I am in my twenties as much as I love songs like "Speak Low" and "September Song" they seem to be more convincing for someone older. Thoughts?
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Age Appropriate Kurt Weill songs
Posted: 8/8/14 at 08:59am
If you are a tenor, try "Lonely House" from STREET SCENE.
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Age Appropriate Kurt Weill songs
Posted: 8/8/14 at 09:48am
Alabama Song (starts at 10:05)

I'm A Stranger Here Myself
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Age Appropriate Kurt Weill songs
Posted: 8/8/14 at 01:59pm
How about "Nowhere to Go But Up" from KNICKERBOCKER HOLIDAY?
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Age Appropriate Kurt Weill songs
Posted: 8/8/14 at 08:14pm
"Lonely House" is a gorgeous song, but you'd better not just be a tenor, but a really good tenor.

While listening to men's numbers from ONE TOUCH OF VENUS, I stumbled upon Brent Barrett doing a lovely version of "Speak Low". Unless that's become terribly overdone, you might reconsider that for a ballad.

If want something comic, VENUS has "The Trouble with Women". I think Nash's lyrics are hit and miss, but you could construct your own chorus from the several in the score.
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Age Appropriate Kurt Weill songs
Posted: 8/8/14 at 11:52pm
"Come In, Mornin'" from the unfinished "Huckleberry Finn" is a lovely little piece, works well for a young man -- I did an arrangement where it went into a light 2/4 feeling later in the song, and it was a successful audition song for the guy. "Economics" from "Love Life" can be fun at any age, I'd think. You'd have to be a very wise twenty-something!!! "Here I'll Stay" from the same show is an interesting and lovely song. If you want a "bigger" number, check out "The Trouble With Women" from "One Touch of Venus". Might be a little "old", but it's got a number of verses and might have something you could cobble together. For a fun swing tune, "Moon-Faced, Starry-Eyed" from "Street Scene" is a had lots of dancing, but it can be worked into a fun singer-centered number. "We'll Go Away Together" (also "SS") has some interesting melodic turns. From "Lady in the Dark", "One Life to Live" can be workable, and of course, it's ALWAYS good to have "Tchaikowsky" up your sleeve. The material from "Johnny Johnson" is awfully of-the-WWOne-feel, but the soldiers ARE young. If you can find the volume "Kurt Weill in America", there are a lot of these tunes within.