Anthony Rapp @ 54 Below: Monday Sept 1st, 9:30pm

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Just a heads-up that Anthony Rapp will be performing (along with others) at 54 Below on Labor Day evening, Monday 9/1, 9:30pm. The description says it's a concert version of the short film GRIND. Perhaps it will be partially live theater too. It's always a treat to see Anthony Rapp up close - I loved RENT, and even traveled 2 hours (3 subways and shuttle van) to Queens Theater in the Park a few years back to see him.

The songs are some of my absolute favorites: you can search for the words "GRIND But we do it anyway" and "GRIND It's Easier not to care" to see just 2 of the promo videos from the short film. The film was set in NYC (Hells Kitchen and Central Park) where guys are using the Grindr app. The film was just so involving, raw, funny, emotional, and had a very dark side to it too. After seeing the film twice, I still can't get the songs out of my head. It's been getting very positive feedback from numerous LGBT film festivals across the country.
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Does anyone know if he's back in If/Then after his injury?
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Nope, not back in the show yet...