Cherry Jones in When We Were Young and Unafraid

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Sarah Treem's play ambitiously explores the dangers various ages of women faced in the early '70's. Cherry Jones discusses her work and life at those various ages in my new interview at Slant Magazine.

Here's the first paragraph:

Cherry Jones loves company, so it's fitting that she plays the proprietor of a bed and breakfast in When We Were Young and Unafraid. You won't find the actress demanding her own dressing room, starring in a one-woman show, or refusing to talk to someone who recognizes her. She's motivated most by a desire for connection, deep and true, with her role, the other actors, and the audience. Jones balances this yearning for communion with a sense of loneliness—yet none of it seems neurotic. She's from Tennessee, with an old-fashioned forthrightness that distinguishes her work and conversation. After all, when she won the Tony Award for The Heiress, she became the first Best Actress to out herself by thanking her then-partner Mary O'Connor. Jones did so simply, treating it not as a landmark but rather as the easiest, most natural thing to do. In similar no-nonsense fashion, she exposes her characters' desires and shortcomings with neither elaborate techniques to distance herself from them or self-congratulation.

If interested in the rest, the link is below.

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All so true. She is amazing on stage and makes it all seem so simple.

In When We Were Young and Unafraid, she makes the entire ride just seem like simple, normal conversation. You NEVER SEE her act!
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Broadway Legend
Saw her in "Doubt" and she was fantastic !! Liked her as POTUS on the TV series "24".


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