How to trade playbills?

How to trade playbills?
Posted: 7/10/14 at 03:38pm
Hi, I'm 15, and new to the whole trading thing. I really want to trade some of my playbills, but i don't think my parents are cool with it, since I'd have to give out my address, and I am kind of scared to ask them. Are there any solutions at all for this? Like a trading website or something? Thanks in advance xx
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Jordan Catalano
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How to trade playbills?
Posted: 7/10/14 at 03:41pm
So... You're looking to get someone to mail you something without giving tem your address for them to be able to mail you something?

You should just buy them on eBay. You can probably find most of the ones you're looking for for around a dollar.
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How to trade playbills?
Posted: 7/10/14 at 04:25pm
Tumblr has a lot of playbill trading stuff. But there's no way around giving your address.

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