How long is Mitchell Jarvis back in Rock of Ages?

Adair Haywind
Featured Actor
I saw on Facebook that Mitch Jarvis and Katie Webber had rejoined the cast of RoA, though there was also a picture attached of the understudy board stating "At this performance the role of Lonny, usually played by Genson Blimline, will be played by Mitchell Jarvis". Is he only in the show temporarily?
Jersey Girl2 Profile Photo
Jersey Girl2
Broadway Star
He did 6 or 7 shows this past weekend.
Dont stop believin'
Adair Haywind
Featured Actor
Aw man, SO wish I would've seen him.
frogs_fan85 Profile Photo
Broadway Legend
He's been tweeting randomly when he's been on. He was in as recently as this past Monday. Not sure if he went on last night.

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