Papering/Getting Comps

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Papering/Getting Comps
Posted: 7/9/14 at 12:40pm
I've seen people on here talking about getting comps or when shows start papering their tickets. How do you receive deals like these?
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Papering/Getting Comps
Posted: 7/9/14 at 12:57pm
There are clubs with annual membership fees ($99 typically) like Theater Extras or Theatermania Gold Club, or Student Rush's Will Call Club (free).
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Papering/Getting Comps
Posted: 7/9/14 at 12:58pm
Or some of us are in the industry and know people attached to the production.
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Papering/Getting Comps
Posted: 7/9/14 at 01:40pm
Yeah. Broadway shows tend to go to other Broadway production companies first when they need to paper the house, which is how industry folks get them.
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Papering/Getting Comps
Posted: 7/10/14 at 02:00am
How often does Theater Extras have Broadway shows, and are the offerings ever different than Gold Club?
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Papering/Getting Comps
Posted: 7/10/14 at 02:03am
Comps usually come from friends attached to the production (or even friends of friends).
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Papering/Getting Comps
Posted: 7/12/14 at 01:51am
I got Gold Club for Christmas this past year, and have been more than disappointed. After joining, I got pretty mediocre mezz seats to Machinal. I rarely see anything Broadway pop up, and sometimes maybe something popular Off Broadway will. Not what I was expecting based on the posts in the threads I researched before joining. I usually check the site multiple times a day, too.
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Papering/Getting Comps
Posted: 7/12/14 at 04:52am
Then you either don't check it enough or aren't willing to see some great off-Broadway shows. I get tickets from it to stuff I wanna see about once or twice a month. And they do get a few Broadway shows, some just very recently that aren't at the non-profits, including one I'm going to see this Sunday afternoon during the World Cup cause I don't give a crap about that. But they had it for a Wednesday matinee as well anyway.
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Papering/Getting Comps
Posted: 7/12/14 at 11:14pm
Does anyone still use Play by Play? I was a member back in the mid 2000's and they used to get a good amount of broadway shows.