EW's first listen to the LADY DAY Cast Recording

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I didn't really believe people when they said Audra sounded just like Billie, but damn. Holiday as been one of my favorite singers since I was a teenager, and this is a beautiful tribute.
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Unbelievably gorgeous.
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^^^ as usual
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Wow. I'm unable to attend the show, but this sounds so, so great.
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This is one of the most perfect things that has ever happened.
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Is the recording the entire show with patter? Either way, this could be a huge hit.
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The commentary mentions, "The two-disc set offers an immersive translation of the show...". I listened to a couple of the clips, and there is patter.
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This is a must-own. She is remarkable.
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I got this in the mail today, and it's so incredible guys. The sound is perfect, and the album is a heart breaking, gorgeous journey. Wow. I guess PS Classics started shipping this pretty early. Since CDs sound so much better than any compressed music, buy the physical album, it's worth it for this. Buy it from PS Classics, they are worth supporting over Amazon, and it's 5 dollars cheaper. :)

Their site has clips of almost the whole album via SoundCloud
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I have very mixed feelings about this recording. I saw the show and loved Audra. One of her best performances. But (and this is a very big but) Billie did not sound this good at the end of her life (when the show is supposedly set). Would an entire evening of a voice-ravaged Billie been too much to take? Maybe. But it would have been more authentic. And as for a recording of Audra doing Billie, well, I guess it's better than Diana Ross doing Billie for LADY SINGS THE BLUES. But I would rather have had a video of the whole show. And I definitely don't want to listen to the dialogue between the songs (by far the weakest part of the evening) over and over.
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In case anyone is interested, they also have the physical CDs at the show merch booth, as I *finally* saw this tonight.

The dialogue tracks are separated out, so it looked like you can only hear the songs if you wanted.
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Anyone have any luck finding this on Spotify? Debating whether to buy it but would rather not if it is in fact on Spotify.

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