Lady Day seating

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Lady Day seating#1
Posted: 7/4/14 at 12:25pm
Hi all,

I'm seeing Lady Day next week and wondering if anyone has any input on how the view from A 233-235 is. It is the side orchestra portion. It looks like we are equal with the stage platform, but is the view obstructed in any way (by the railing or people sitting at the tables on the lower level?)
Lady Day seating#2
Posted: 7/13/14 at 4:19pm
I had a quick seating question for someone familiar with the theater. After convincing my mom to go see Lady Day (well actually, offering to pay for her ticket), I want to try and do a Saturday 8PM show before heading to Hedwig at 10PM (already have those tickets). It looks like I can get Row H, seats 102-104, which should make for a quick exit to head to the Belasco, but is that too far back? I know it is a small theater so I am assuming not, but just wanted to confirm. I could get seats in the center side sections as well, but I figure those might take longer to get out and we have a tight connection for Hedwig.
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Lady Day seating#2
Posted: 7/13/14 at 5:25pm
Just saw this on Friday, and I was reminded how small and intimate this venue really is... I was in A 101, and I think the straight-on view was nice, since she is facing your way for a lot of the show.

I'm not sure where the actual cut-off is but the aisle between 101 and 102 doesn't go all the way down, only the last few rows can duck out that way.

I think you'll be fine, and that seems like a good choice for a quick ducking out afterward. I'm not sure there is a bad seat for this show.
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Lady Day seating#3
Posted: 7/13/14 at 5:34pm
I was in Row G center, so one row before H, and it didn't feel far at all. In fact, it's pretty much ideal for taking in the entire stage picture. I would not have wanted to sit in the side sections. McDonald plays most of the show to the center.
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