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Act One Movie#1
Posted: 7/3/14 at 5:39pm
DVR'D it a few days ago and just watched it. It was not bad

A young George Hamilton played Moss Hart and Jason Robards Jr played the Shaloub part. It clocked in @ 2 hours.

Totally gone were the Andrea Martin character and the local plays he was directing. That whole bit about The Emperor Jones was also gone.

Robards was good but Shaloub was better. Hamilton acquitted himself nicely. The last scene where they vacate the apartment and he opens the windows and throws furniture around was there and ended the movie as well

If it pops up again it is worth a look as I do not think it available on DVD.

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Len Gersten
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Act One Movie#2
Posted: 7/5/14 at 1:07pm
I was off from work one day earlier this week, turned on TCM while having lunch and caught this film. I am a huge classic movie fan but did not realize Moss Hart's memoir had been the basis of a film. I never got the chance to see the play at Lincoln Center, but felt fortunate to have seen this screen version. I was wondering how similar the play was to the film, so it was interesting to read your comments, Mr Roxy. I would agree the film is worth seeking out. I have never been a fan of George Hamilton, but I felt he did a nice job in the lead role. Also providing strong performances were Jason Robards as George S. Kaufman, Jack Klugman and George Segal. The recently deceased Eli Wallach even had a small part.
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Broadway Legend
Act One Movie#2
Posted: 7/5/14 at 1:12pm
"and Jason Robards Jr played the Shaloub part."

I know a lot of people wanted to play the Shaloub part in that movie.
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Act One Movie#3
Posted: 7/6/14 at 12:22pm
A decent film that surprised me with a young George Hamilton. Nice to see the Booth and Music Box theatres on screen.o


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