RIP Eli Wallach

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RIP Eli Wallach
Posted: 6/25/14 at 12:38am
Such a long and varied, rich career. Winner of Best Actor Tony for The Rose Tattoo and an honorary Oscar in 2010. Survived by his wife Anne Jackson, a fine actress with whom he sometimes appeared. He was 98.

NY Times obit:

Eli Wallach, Multifaceted Actor, Dies at 98
Updated On: 6/25/14 at 12:38 AM
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RIP Eli Wallach
Posted: 6/25/14 at 01:20am
R I P Tuco
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RIP Eli Wallach
Posted: 6/25/14 at 01:21am
What a life, what a career.

Met him & his wife @ luncheon w performance a few years back @ the Players Club. Still very bright and involved. A very gracious gentleman. Baruch Ha Shem. RIP
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RIP Eli Wallach
Posted: 6/25/14 at 07:37am
A great man has passed.
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RIP Eli Wallach
Posted: 6/25/14 at 07:47am
An icon.

A amazing actor and a wonderful person.

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RIP Eli Wallach
Posted: 6/25/14 at 08:55am
This one hurts my heart a lot. Wallach was one of my favorite actors, and so many of his performances are engraved in my memory. But he was 98! And still working... Amazing, inspiring, astonishing. A helluva guy.

Rest in Peace.
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RIP Eli Wallach
Posted: 6/25/14 at 09:04am
Eli and Anne were permanent fixtures at my friend's home for parties. My friend's parents were both actors and the conversations were wonderful! Very sad today.
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Len Gersten
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RIP Eli Wallach
Posted: 6/25/14 at 01:15pm
Never had the opportunity to see him perform onstage, but have enjoyed his work in films and television. Just amazing that he was still active at 98 years of age.

Rest in peace.
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RIP Eli Wallach
Posted: 6/25/14 at 01:23pm
It is wonderful to see someone who was good as he was, who loved his craft, living such a full and long life while staying active until the end! RIP!

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Broadway Legend
RIP Eli Wallach
Posted: 6/25/14 at 06:24pm
First saw him in Major Barbara in 1967 -- I was too young to appreciate what I was seeing at the time, but I continued to follow him through the years. RIP, Mr. Wallach and my heartfelt condolences to your lovely wife, a real doll if there ever was one.!

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